Thursday, February 11, 2010

So, have you heard we have some snow?

As you've probably heard on the news, DC is currently buried under 3 feet of snow. It's kinda crazy. This is a city where an inch or two of snow throws everyone into a panic, so you can imagine what it's been like.

Snowpocalypse 2010 began around 11 am on Friday, and by Saturday night, we'd gotten around 27 inches. Keep in mind that the average annual snowfall for the entire winter in DC is 17 inches, so just that one storm alone crushed the average for the year.

And that wasn't all we'd had this year, either. Back in December, we got 19 inches in one day, about a week and a half after our premature baby was born, so Mr. Brice and I couldn't get to the NICU to see our tiny little one. That really sucked. We couldn't get out, because the snow started around 9 pm Fri night and stopped on Saturday night, but we didn't see our first snow plow until mid-morning Monday. Awesome, huh?

We got all excited this time, because a snow plow came through our neighborhood early Monday morning. Whoohoo, we thought! Until the damn thing got stuck halfway up the street, a good 8 houses away from me, so it just backed up and never made it down to my end of the street.

Then early, early Tuesday morning (around 5:30 am), I was awoken not by the baby, but by loud noises outside. Oh good...a plow. Except that it was way too loud and seemed not to be moving -- just staying in one spot. I peeked outside only to discover a frontloader (like a bulldozer, only without the tank-like treads) digging, digging, digging into our snowcrete on the street outside my house, and dumping tons (literally) of snow into a dumptruck parked outside. And it was insanely bright, because they brought their own floodlights. They worked there for around 45 minutes, with the dumptruck disappearing every 10 minutes or so and returning empty. I'm not sure where they were bringing all the snow, but I didn't care, because they'd finally cleared the street down to about 4 inches of hard compacted snow on which you could actually drive.

Whoohoo! Just in time for Snowpocalypse Part II, aka "Snowverkill." Yup, the next storm rolled in Tuesday afternoon and kept falling until Wednesday night, dumping another 12 inches on top of the more than 2 feet we already had.

I'm sorry this post was so late, but we keep losing internet access. The cable lines run by a magnificent old magnolia tree in our front yard, but the branches are hanging extremely low due to all the snow piled up.

So yeah, I'm so done. Anyone have any suggestions for somewhere warm I could move to?


  1. I hear Hawaii is nice.

  2. I talked to my parents on the Eastern Shore of MD yesterday and I think the next time they visit us in FL, they probably won't be going home. lol

  3. I live in nova and the bulldozer tractor things clearing the snow are CRACKING ME UP!!