Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day

As everyone on the planet probably has figured out by now, it's April Fool's day. And like most people, I've pulled a couple of pranks in my time. Like the time when I was in middle school and thought it would be really funny to call my mom while she was at work and yell, "The house is on fire!"...and then, hang up. Yeahhh, bad idea--I was grounded forever.

Anyway, I accidentally pulled another phone prank a few days ago.

Last Saturday was Earth Hour. We decided to participate and shut the lights off in our house. It was just me, my daughter, and my manpanion. We used a flashlight and played truth or dare--mostly sticking to truth. haha. But my daughter did accept a dare, eventually.

So, we decided it would be funny to prank my sis, who was on a date. I picked up the home phone, dialed the number, thrust the phone into my daughter's hands, and when it picked up, my daughter said, "This is We wanted to see how you were enjoying your match." Then, after a moment's pause, she hung up.

We laughed hard about it--my sister must have cracked up, especially since she knew it came from us (caller ID makes it hard to prank call people now, LOL)! Except, we didn't get a call back. So we called the # again, and it went directly to voice mail. My daughter left a message, explaining we were playing truth or dare and that I'd dared her to prank call her own aunt. She hung up, and we waited several minutes.

Still, no response. So I grab my cell and send my sis a text, apologizing if I'd made her mad because of pranking her while on her date. She replied back, "hah, what prank?"

A sick feeling hit my stomach. I looked at the number I'd dialed--I'd misdialed the last number of my sis's cell #. We hadn't been pranking my sis at all, but some poor random woman!

I'm a 32-year-old woman who hadn't done a prank call in God knows how long, and I'd messed it up. haha. So, to the mysterious woman we called--I'm sorry. And thanks for not calling the cops. LOL

So, what's the last phone prank you've pulled? Dish it!


  1. Ha! Now THAT was funny!

    I'm a lame-o when it comes to pranks. I bought some fake lottery tickets for my brother once, since he plays all the time. It was fairly amusing when he thought he finally hit it big. LOL

  2. HAHAHAHA OMG that's a great idea...

  3. Amanda Brice11:08 AM


  4. When Good Pranks Go Bad. LOL

  5. hahahaha true dat. NOT my best moment. ROFL

  6. Ahmed tried to convince everyone at the office we had broken up. It was harmless til his mom was on the phone from England and overheard it.

    He got shrieked at in two languages and called a "horrible boy."


  7. I once reacted very badly to a prank played on me (I was doing my chem lab write-up freshman year of college, realized I'd forgotten the bring along the graphs which were the only part we were allowed to do ahead of time - hurried back to my dorm to get them, only to find my friends had taken ALL my stuff and hidden it! I freaked out, screamed at them, they gave me my graphs, and when I returned an hour later every single thing had been returned to where it belonged...) :-)

    Anyway, after that, I decided if I wasn't going to be a good sport when folks played pranks on me, I really shouldn't play them on others...and so ended my pranking career at age 18...


  8. I sort of stole the stripper's clothes at a bachelorette party once.