Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Juno what?

I have always had a special place in my heart for April Fool's Day. Much to my parent's chagrin. See, I always call them on April 1st and give them some "news" that's bound to drive them batty.

One of my all time gems comes from my college days. I was 18, going to school in New York City (I'm amazed my parents let me go at all in retrospect) and had run up an enormous credit card bill my first semester that caused my father to threaten me with bodily harm if I didn't stop taking all my friends to dinner. (What? I was hungry and I wanted company.)

Anyway, I called my parents and told them I was pregnant. I may have mentioned I was unsure who the father was. I believe my mother started crying on the phone.

Truth be told, I was still 100% virgin at the time. 100% nuts, too, but pure as the driven snow. I didn't drag that one on too long. After all, they were footing the college bill. Plus I may have called collect.

What's your worst prank that you've played or had played on you?


  1. Amanda Brice9:27 AM

    Jaw drops. Wow, that's one heck of a prank!

  2. LOL That's horrible! Your poor parents. Heheee.
    Wow, so you were a virgin still in college? That's pretty amazing. :-)

  3. dude. that's awful. and awesome. Not sure if I should worship you or be very very afraid.

  4. Our Senior Ball was a masquerade--I went barefoot and pregnant. And since most who knew me knew I was a virgin, it was really funny.

    The limbo didn't work out so well.

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I'm not sure what to say about your joke on your parents. My parents would still be bitching about that joke to this day. Not sure they would have taken that so well.

    I'm not a big joke player.

    BUT my BIL is a fireman and they punk each other all the time. One of my favorites is the guy with the new truck. Kept bragging on it. The other guys started putting gas in the tank and suddenly the truck was getting like 40 mpg. The bragging was out the door. Then the guy began siphoning out gas and the MPG dropped to like 8. The guy was on the phone yelling at the service department about the change in the mpg. The guys also were adjusting his passenger side mirror. He kept taking the truck in to have the mirror tightened!

  6. HAHAHA I did that to my mom, too. ROFL Good times...

  7. Kristen, you are so cruel!!! Or, rather, were cruel. I'm sure you're totally reformed now. ;-)

    In college once my friends and I strung lots of yarn back and forth in a friend's room...not terribly clever or anything, but it looked cool...


  8. OMG, that's one of the nastiest pranks I've ever heard. I can so see an 18 year old pulling it that though. But now I'm a parent of kids old enough to be parents, I'm cringing.

  9. Omg, Kristen!! That's horrible, but still pretty funny. I don't have any bad stories, I'm not a big prankster :) My husband and his friends used to do ridiculous stuff in the Marines, but the only story that comes to mind is the time they put Nair in someone's shampoo bottle. If someone did that to me, they'd die ;)

  10. Oh dear lord I believe you are lucky to have survived, my love. LOL

    Speaking of NAIR, though. A friend of mine (hi, Tori) called me a fat... baaaad word. So when she fell asleep *cough* at a party I NAIRED off one eyebrow.

    Oh, the agony. Nair off the other one or pencil the Naired side in? She went with the Prince hair-over-one-eye look til it grew back.

  11. I cannot believe you did that to your poor parents! Actually, one of the best April Fools Day jokes I ever played was just a few years ago on a co-worker (we're all L&D nurses). Casually, while sitting around the nurses' station, everyone kept coming up with a "guess what? I'm pregnant!" line... Keely (the person who the joke was being played on) just looked on, her eyes getting bigger every time someone added their name in the hat. Finally, she goes, "Well, damn it! If everyone's pregnant, who's going to be working to help deliver all these babies?" Of course, that's when I had to toss my hat in the ring as well. Her jaw dropped on that one, and everyone burst out laughing.
    I guess you had to be there, but believe me, it was totally a hoot!

  12. I would tell my hubby that I was pregger for a joke for April fools but it would make him too happy.


  13. OMG! And you lived to tell the tale? That's truly amazing. We like the tell the kids it's Saturday when it's not...or that it's not Saturday when it is...or that it snowed over night. Now that they're older though, they don't believe anything we say anyway so it doesn't really work anymore.