Monday, April 20, 2009

hello FLORIDA!

Sorry I'm just now getting here. I've been traveling all day.

I'm in Orlando for the Romantic Times Book Lovers Conference. First of all, it's not sunshiney. What the hell. I mean, I come here and the sun goes away? Seriously, that sucks.

Good news is, it's supposed to be sunny the rest of the week.

The bad news is, I'm a selfish twit and I want the sun now.

Anyway, I'm here. Gonna have a great time promoing BITE ME! and showing off my cleavage helping out my friend Maria Geraci promote her debut book BUNCO BABES TELL ALL.

So this is short and sweet. I'm sorry this blog is unsubstantial. I promise I'll do better soon.


ATTN: Judi--we picked your name. You won a copy of Michelle Rowen's STAKES AND STILETTOS. Please email with your contact info. Please put the word "contest" in the subject. Congrats!


  1. Dude. I'll see you Wednesday!

  2. not jealous.not jealous. not jealous.

  3. Have loads of fun in FL!!

  4. I can't wait to be there too!

  5. are you going to be at the book fair Saturday? I'm trying to get to that and was hoping to find some Bite Me stuff there ;)

    and hey, it was rainy yesterday (but sunshiney today!) and rain's good because it means therewon't be wildfires... :D So, at least it wasn't just mopey was beneficially not hot.

    (also, ignore anything anyone says bout sharks.)