Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome Guest Blogger Bailey

Amanda's Chow Lab, Bailey, was super jealous of Maxwell the Pug's guest appearance a few weeks back.

So he begged his mommy to let him blog today and give some advice to the new First Dog, Bo.


Hey there, Bo. I'm Bailey. Welcome to DC! I think you'll like it here, even if the city is crowded with tourists right now. Hey, more people to bark at, right?

My mommy tells me you're a "Second Chance Dog". That means your new family is totally cool, because they saved you from possibly having to go to an animal shelter when your first family returned you to the breeder.

I'm a Second Chance Dog, too. My first family rescued me from an animal shelter when I was just a little puppy. I lived with them for about 5 1/2 years. But unfortunately, my first mommy had to sell her house. The apartment she was moving to wouldn't let her bring me along. I know it was really difficult for her to have to give me up, and that she loved me very much, but fortunately she found Amanda and Mr. Brice to adopt me.

I love my new home and new family, and I'm sure you'll love living with the Obamas, too. I hear your new daddy is pretty powerful. And they have a really cool house. Lots of places to hide and take naps. And you can run really fast on that huge lawn! I'm jealous!

Lots of new places to mark your territory. It's gonna be so much fun! I would suggest you pee on the tomato garden, but I think your mommy will be mad at you, so I guess you might want to pick a different place.

Anyway, ever since I first saw you on the news the other day, I've been trying to think of what advice I should give you, as your older and wiser friend. I suggest barking loudly and often.

Oh wait. Mommy is looking at me with a sad face. That wasn't good advice?

Hmmm. Let me think.

I got it! Shed everywhere. Vaccuming up the "dog bunnies" gives your mommy and daddy something to do, so they can feel useful.

No? Geez, Mommy, you're making this really hard.

Um, Kong toys are pretty fun. Your parents or sisters can stick some yummy doggie treats inside and then you have to figure out how to get them out. I'm also a big fan of my cow toy that moos when I squeeze his tummy. So fun!

What? Hold on a second, Bo. Mommy's trying to tell me something.

OK, Mommy. I'll ask.

Bo, my mommy wants to know if we can have a play date at your house. She said she'd be very happy to take me there, and then stay for lunch or something while we play outside. See if you can set it up with the social secretary or something.

OK, that's all for now. Talk to you later!


  1. Jennifer Russell11:34 AM

    That's too cute! Good advice, too.

  2. Hi, Bailey! I think that's excellent advice. I love Kongs, too, except my mommy puts peanut butter inside and laughs as I chase them all over trying to lick the PB out.

    Maybe *we* should have a play date? We can invite Bo, if you wanna...

  3. My cats would like it noted that dogs drool and cats rule.

  4. The Wombat likes the Bark often and loud advise.
    he's all about verbalizing.

  5. Bailey11:48 AM

    Hi Rio! I think that's a great idea. Maybe our Mommies can set it up.

  6. HAHAHAHA nice. Awesome blog post!!!

    (fixed your links, BTW--I know it's hard to type with paws. hahaha)

  7. Very cool... one of my dogs is a Chow Lab rescue... he could almost be your twin(his muzzle is a little lighter and he is 8 yrs old) but he isn't as witty - he likes to lounge around and not listen.

  8. Too cute! And I love the term "second chance dog."

  9. That was awesome and that dog is adorable but all I can think is "jeeeez Amanda is a knock-out."

  10. Hi Bailey! This is Princess Lizzibelle, but you can call me Lizzie. My mom loves this blog, but doesn't comment enough. I'm taking over today, though, because I'm a Second Chance Dog, too!

    My first family were nice people, but weren't used to dogs, and brought me back to the rescue shelter when I didn't fit in with their house. (I couldn't help it. I was only 8 weeks old!) Mom had seen my picture on the website, but when they told her I'd been adopted, she was about to leave, when the foster mom came in and told her I was back! Mom says it was meant to be!

    I like to sprawl on her sofa while she bangs away at the laptop. Sometimes she cusses a lot when things aren't going well, and then it's my job to make her laugh, or to just be so cute she feels better. It's a tough job, being that cute.

    Best wishes! Take over the blog again sometime.

  11. Bailey4:19 PM

    Hi Lizzibelle. My mommy tells me that your mommy is up for an award. That's so cool! Tell her good luck!

    Thanks for commenting everyone. I'll try to come back sometime if the Fictionistas will let me.

  12. I tried to get my dogs to post but Libby wouldn't wake up and all Wiley said was

    "Frisbee. Tennis ball. Frisbee. Pee on the floor. Frisbee."

    Which is pretty much all he is concerned with during his waking hours.

  13. Bailey9:13 AM

    Tina, my mommy tells me you're up for an award, too. Good luck!

    Thanks for commenting everyone. And Gwen, Wiley sounds really cool. I wish I could have a play date with him, too.