Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cut Footloose

I was never at a prom. I was one of the nerdy people who got very academic at a young age. My life was consumed with finishing school, finishing more school, and finishing more school. When other people were picking out prom dresses, I was buried to the eyebrows in some obscure text at the Boston Public Library.

Yes, I do believe that's why I'm weird. I did have some friends who went, of course.

I believe that's why they are weird. I also believe the theme was "Footloose." Um. Yeah, don't look at me.

Anyway, I did come to genuinely enjoy watching the pomp, circumstance, and madness of prom when I was a teacher. Sometimes I set kids up on dates when they bemoaned their lack. One of my match-ups eventually married. Take that, sceptics!

I actually think the way my town is doing it these days-- in the gym, on the cheap, and with a lock-down-- is the way to go. Their theme this year is "Midnight Sky."

If you know what the heck that means, I'd love to be in on it.

So as we head into prom season, here's hoping everyone is safe, careful, and responsible... but also free to cut FOOTLOOSE.


  1. It has been a long time but yes I remember prom, hehe both of them. I also remember being very pregnant and going to the alumni social for my husbands fraternity.

    My junior prom had a Styx theme. Oh God, I am old. The senior one had a theme but lord if I remember what it was I was more enthralled with where this one was held. The top of the mart downtown Atlanta. Beautiful night and view.

    The guy I went with recently found me via my parents. We both have adult children and are single. Hmmm... No neither looking to renew old flames but he is a great guy and I enjoy our talks.

    I agree to some degree on the lesser expense but not the lock down but then I grew up in a different age where we were scared of our parents and new if we were not home by curfew dad would lower the boom and then mom and then dad again. Kids today don't seem to have that same fear.

    I enjoyed both my proms and the alumni social at GA Tech. It is a memory I will cherish forever even though I wasn't a frufru girly girl.

  2. the theme was "lady in red"

    i wore silver lame and white lace with a huge butt bow that now makes me cringe

    i arrived in a flatbed tow truck after spending the evening in a cornfield after my hotrodding bf spun out on a country road. i was NOT a good sport about it and fumed the whole time, which i now regret

    we piled into a friend's jeep and went to denny's afterward. that's my main memory of the night. eating pancakes at midnight in my tinfoil prom dress

  3. I remember prom. I roll over and look at my prom date every morning. I almost didn't go. We had broken up before Christmas, and I didn't have a date. But right before I asked one of my brother's friends, Hubby asked me out, again. My dress was black and emerald. And I still have my corsage in a tiny cedar chest. We ditched the dance pretty early and went to Hooter's for wings and oysters. I pulled the old I am spending the night with so and so ploy and stayed out all night long.

  4. I don't remember my prom's theme, to be honest. I went to it, but I went Stag because I had just broken up with my BF at the time. And while the rest of the girls wore ballgown legnth dresses, I opted for a red "baby-doll" dress (it was 1996) that hit my mid thigh and showed off lots of leg and cleavage. To complete the outfit, I added 6 inch sprarkly red vinyl platforms which got nicknamed "the ruby slippers" by the end of the night. Heck, just because I didn't have a date didn't mean I wasn't going to have fun.

    I flirted, danced with just about every cute guy in my class, and almost had a couple of their jealous dates wanting to claw my eyes out. At the end of the night, a bunch of us carpooled up to the lake and partied until the wee hours of the morning (I remember a couple guys trying to get on jet skis at 3am).

  5. I never went to prom myself. One of my regrets. Oh well. I guess I can live vicariously through my boys if they decide to go, though I am sure it is not the same as for my sister who has daughters.

  6. I never went to my senior prom. I don't regret it one bit.

  7. We are only just having proms here now in the Uk. We had a leavers disco in the school assembly hall where we tried to sneak in bottles of cider to share between all of us. It was the eighties and we had a blast.

  8. HAH, awesome. I love Footloose--it's cheesy fun!! Ah, prom. Memories...

  9. Lia--that made me all gooey inside. You married your prom date. *sigh*

    Anymore, there are so many formal dances every year here that it borders on silly. And if they have informal ones, my daughter has never been to one. I remember having pep dances almost every weekend. Now--nothing.

  10. Amanda Brice12:50 PM

    LOL, I'm pretty sure we didn't have prom themes. The reason I know is because I was on prom committee both junior and senior year and I honestly can't remember having a theme.