Monday, April 13, 2009

senior skip day

Long time ago, way back when (*cough* 1987 *cough*) my senior year in high school was winding down. We were putting together our Senior program, the slide show (didn't have PowerPoint back then) rehearsing for our Senior Play (Cheaper by the Dozen), getting ready for our last Prom, and organizing our very last Senior Parade and skip day.

Do Senior Skip Days still exist?

It was not an official skip day, but all the faculty knew that the majority of the Sr. Class would not be at school on that Friday. The administration couldn't sanction it, and prior to the actual day they would send out loads of memos reminding everyone that skipping was against school policy and punishable by detention or suspension.

We weren't scared. It was a long time tradition and we were going to enjoy every second of the day.

That morning we met at the park, took shoe polish to our windshield and drew Class of 87 on everything we could find. One of our friends brought a giant truck and loads of us piled into the back. And with our music blaring and our horns honking, we paraded through town before school started.

Then we headed toward Lake DeGray where we lounged around on the beach and soaked up the sun.

This is one of my fondest memories of my senior year. I have no idea if they still do this nowadays, but if they don't, I think the kids are totally missing out.

I decided to make this my blog topic because yesterday, a song came on the radio that was very popular during that time and it always makes me think of Senior Skip Day and our last hurrah.

Edited to add:
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  1. LOL, we did Cheaper by the Dozen for the senior play, too. I was Mrs. Gilbreth. Ahh, memories. On my senior skip day (1988 here), we all went to the beach at Heron Lake. For me, it was more a matter of trying to fit in with the cool kids one last time before we all separated, than anything else. It all seemed so cool at the time, but in thinking about it now, I would've had more fun if I'd just stayed home.

  2. Our Senior Skip Day was always in December, to go into NYC to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting.

    Well, that's the "official" reason. Most people never make it to Rockefeller Center. But it tends to happen that day...

  3. I don't recall an organized skip day...which was pretty much how our class was. Unorganized. And a little fractured. For instance, we walked to Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again". Which maybe the first few lines work, but the rest of song is not graduation theme friendly. But we voted for it because the alternative winning song was campaigned for by someone most of us thought was snooty.

  4. We did Senior Skip Day, but it wasn't organized as an everyone-together-hanging-out sort of day. I think my friends and I drove to Roanoke for sushi.

  5. I don't necessarily remember a "skip" day, but I do remember a senior black-out day...that was where the seniors didn't talk to underclassmen all day.

    When I was a junior, one of my good guy friends did this to me. LOL I got so mad, I jerked his chair out from underneath him in chemistry class, and he went flying to the floor. My chem teacher was mad at me. ROFL. I instantly felt bad for doing that...

  6. We had skip day. (also a 1987 grad)We went to a local park and hung out at the river all day. It's fun to hear a song from that time play on the radio. Brings me back to acting goofy and remembering how it felt to look forward to my whole life.

  7. I don't think we had a senior skip day. If we did, I obviously didn't know about it. I did draw and design the t-shirt for the senior day out at the local waterpark tho!

  8. Senior Skip Day was usually in MAY here... and usually the weather was just turning, so everybody went to the beach.

    And it was everybody. LOL the seniors just provided the excuse.

  9. I don't recall a senior skip day, but if we had one, I bet I was at home learning my lines or sleeping in or doing my homework or something equally, um, non-lake-like! :-)

  10. Well we had a skip day, though here in Sin city we called it Senior Ditch Day, got the memos passed, the threats, but they were vacant and all the parents knew about it. That was in 94 and seeing as it is tradition, would be a bit sad to see it fall to the wayside.