Friday, January 23, 2009

I've been simming

I think I have compulsion issues.

I realized it might be a problem when I haven't written a word in a week, yet I've managed to stay up late every night playing the Sims 2. It's like once I get hooked into something, I cannot seem to make myself do anything else.

When I watch TV, it's on DVD and I tend to watch the episodes back to back to back. I discovered House earlier this year and my husband and I watched all available seasons in about two months. And do not get me started on Buffy the Vampire Slayer again. I completely disappear from civilization.

I got on an 80's movie kick not too long ago. And when I feel like knitting, I knit non-stop for a week or two and then want nothing to do with it for a year or so.

It's like I don't understand moderation.

So as I sign off to go play with my pixelated people (I'm breeding dogs to see if the puppy will look like Wiley), I'll leave you with this question: Do you get obsessed with your hobbies and get sucked in until you burn out? Or are you able to set aside a certain amount of time for your distractions so that you can still function in the workplace, school, or in your family?

P.S. I did manage to get my act together enough to be a proper guest blogger at Killer Fiction Blog on Saturday the 24th. Please come say hi.


  1. TV on DVD is my worst obsession, but I'm actively afraid of Worlds of Warcraft. I just know it'll suck me in and never let me go.

  2. Amanda Brice9:11 AM

    I don't understand moderation either. I go through stretches where I will write 20 pages a day, then even longer stretches where I write nothing.

    Lately I've been staying up late reading. I love reading, don't get me wrong, but there's no reason I should be up until midnight to finish a book when i've barely gotten any sleep all week!

  3. The Sims and I have a long and checkered past. They once sucked me in for an entire day in which I did not eat or leave the couch until I realized the sun was going down.

    The Sims have since been uninstalled from my computer.

  4. Yeah. I complain about being tired and yet...forget to go to bed.

  5. Is that your little sim person?

    Never really got into it. I guess I'm slightly obessive, but I usually manage to pull myself away for John Stewart at 10:00.
    So I'm obsessed with the Daily show.

  6. Never got hooked on this but Assassin's Creed has eaten up some massive chunks of my life.

  7. Anonymous1:15 AM

    I am SO addicted to Sims 2. I started with Sims Castaways and it grew from there. I'm kinda like that with everything else also. I know how to do some of the most absurd things because of it though! I'm a jack of all trades.

  8. I just love all their cute little absurdities. Like this guy wearing a thinking cap.

  9. I'm not one for moderation, either--I become absorbed in stuff. I soooo feel your pain. LOL!!