Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random picture day!

It's RAAAAANDOM PIIIIICTURE DAAAAAY at the Fictionistas!! I'm going to post a few images I have saved on my computer:

This is a shot I took of someone dressed like Aang (from Nickelodeon's Avatar cartoons) at an anime convention I attended last summer. Yes, I'm a nerd. Yes, it was massively crowded (there were like 14 billion teenagers and adults), and insanely hot and sweaty. Yes, I dressed in a costume (I was a geisha). And yes, I had an utter blast!! I spent a lot of money, ate delicious Japanese pocky, watched anime, and lived it up with my fellow nerds. FUNNETY FUN!!

Here's a picture of my dog, Leela. This was right after we adopted her--we found her at a shelter. She was seriously underweight, and her belly was droopy because she'd just had pups--they weren't with her at the shelter :-( . She's been with us a year now, though, and we're happy to have her!

Here's a shot of my daughter wearing big red glasses. Yeah, I don't know what that's about, either, but isn't she cute? haha

Ahhhh, the infamous meat machine at my work--aptly named because of the fish, chicken, beef, and other kinds of scary meat products they a vending machine. Sadly enough, they took it out a couple of weeks ago and are supposed to replace it. But in the meanwhile, we can enjoy these pictures of such savory snacks as the...pasta(?) on the left, and the buffalo chicken sandwich on the right. A couple of years ago, one guy made it a challenge to eat one of everything in the machine. He no longer works here...a correlation? I gotta wonder...

Here's a shot I took of the Romance Divas dinner party in San Francisco, at the RWA national conference. The food was sooooo good...and who is that blurry lady in the front? Why, I believe that's a shot of our own lovely Gwen! LOL don't kick me, Gwen...

Here's a shot of a food store front window in Chinatown in San Francisco...appetizing, eh? haha

Well, that's it for me. Stay tuned in the future for another episode of RAAAAANDOM PIIIIICTURE DAAAAAY...


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    aghhh! what is in that last picture?! major ew.

    i love your doggie!

  2. Yeah, isn't that image NASTY? hahaha. It's a chicken, some kind of sea creature, and a hunk of...meat. hahaha

    Awww, thanks! I love my doggie, too. :D

  3. Amanda Brice3:58 PM

    You crack me up!

  4. Watch. Your. Back.


  5. Gwen, the blonde head behind you belongs to me.

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHA--yeah, Amanda's just lucky she was off somewhere else at the time I took the pic...though getting Kristen was a bonus!! LOL

  7. Getting me is always a bonus.