Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy Whatever

Yeah. Whatever. New year in da house. Whoop-de-freakin-do. Seriously, I'm over it. 2008 was too long and 2009 is getting on my nerves already. Have a parade, why don't you?

You know, it's not that I can't think of positive things coming in this shiny, sparkly new year. Sure I can. But I've gotta be honest. This was a lame changing of the calendar for me.

First, where were all the cool year-in-review shows? I have a bajillion cable channels. What was on? A Monk marathon (seen them already) and History Channel's Seven Deadly Sins (done them already) series. Um. Hello? Where were the celebrity scandal specials? Where were the top 10, bottom 10 count-downs? What the heck???

Second, the year ended with me parted from my beloved, who had a stomach virus and then strep throat. Since I have no immune system we could not be together. He is exiled to Cambridge, with me mired in a foot of snow in Green Harbor, and half our stuff between a rock, a hard place, and Nova Scotia.

Third, I haven't accomplished my goals for the last year and everyone is making lists for the new one. There will be no resolutions for me. I'm not done with the last set yet.

So 2009 is here. I'm stuck in to-be-continued.

Talk to you next week, k?


  1. Trisha12:55 PM

    Awww, Chrissy. I feel your cranky. Things will get better, I promise!

  2. I think you get a do-over.

  3. Hey, at least your house didn't flood and lose all your stuff! Happy new year :-P

  4. Max has chimed in, btw:


  5. I'm sorry about the crabiness. I hope you feel happier soon!