Thursday, January 08, 2009

Law School = High School?

Occasionally people will wonder how I can write about teenagers. "I hated high school," they say. "I would never want to go back."

Well, in many ways I did go back. At the age of 24, in fact.

Because that's when I started law school.

This is an observation made by pretty much anyone who has been a 1L. It's pretty basic when you think of it. High school, only you're legal to drink this time.

First of all, they give you lockers. We have these ginormously thick textbooks, so it makes a lot of sense.

Second, they assign you all your classes (at least your first year). Not only that, but they even assign your seat.

And don't even get me started on cliques. Wow.

And everyone wants to be all up in everyone else's business. Law schoolers gossip and spread even more rumors than high schoolers. Probably because our lives are so boring and focused on intense studying that we're just hoping that someone is leading a more interesting life than we are.

Of course, there are lots of section hookups and dating, which adds to the rumors and gossip. Yes, Mr. Brice was my study partner first semester. Enough said.

I found this video on YouTube. It pretty much says it all:

So yeah, is it really any surprise that I write about teens? In many ways, teens display more maturity than the average law student.


  1. HAH--nice post...I'm cracking up. Kinda glad I didn't go the law-school route now...haha

  2. Why hasn't anyone made a night time soap out of law school ala Grey's Anatomy? I can see it now...Passing The Bar.

  3. Dude, friends and I have often said we thought that would be awesome. But then again, probably only we would find it amusing.

  4. *giggle*

    You know, I think people who didn't have much of a high school experience tend to be the ones who want to make high school better for kids.

    And there are an awful lot of grown-up venues resembling high school. Like Law School, Med School, The Senate, Congress...


  5. LOL! I had a professor beg me to go to Law School and I just didn't think I would enjoy it. Looks like I would've fit in just fine. :D

  6. ~shudders~
    It was enough the first time. At least when I'm writing about it I can control it now.

  7. Amanda Brice10:25 AM

    Very true, Chrissy. Perhaps not shockingly, my first job out of law school was working for Congress.


  8. OMG - I ALWAYS say that about law school. It was worse than high school (my high school class was much bigger)!