Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you library?

As a kid, libraries were a huge part of my life. I could spend hours in the small local library, wandering the stacks, reading the magazines, planning what books I'd take out next time because I'd already used up my quota for that visit. In high school, the school library became my refuge. Having gone to private school until half way through the 9th grade, I didn't understand how a large public school functioned (cafeteria? What is that?) so I spent every free moment (lunch, study hall, cough*gym*cough) in that sacred space. I probably read 75% of the fiction books they had.

Oddly enough, as adult, I've fallen away from my first love. I'll be honest. I don't actually know where my local library is. Sad, isn't it? I don't have a library card, but I plan on getting one and soon. There are an estimated 123,129 libraries of all kinds in the United States, so there's really no excuse not to visit one. When was the last time you went to the library?


  1. I'm at my local library at least once a week. With this economy I don't buy that many books anymore. I put them on hold at my library and go to pick them up.

    I've always taken my kids to the library too and they still love to go especially my daughter who is turning 15. I know some of the librarians by name and all by sight and they know me. Now I still do buy books from my friends and the ones my library doesn't have. I also make donations to my local library of books I don't want. I'm a huge fan from way back. Love it! I wish it were open until late at night and I'd hang there:)

  2. I ADORE my local library, and I frequent it often for movies, CDs, research material, and novels. When our library asked for a levy to support them back in November, I wholeheartedly voted yes, and I was pleased as punch to see it pass.

    When I moved, it was one of the first things I scouted out in my new city, LOL. Happy day, it's right down the road from me!

    Ohio has one of the best library systems in the US, and I'm proud to use it!

    Dude, I sound like a commercial, but it's true. I adore the library.

  3. I loved the library when I was younger. I think college sucked the fun out of it for me.
    Now, I get over ambitious and check out twenty gazillion books, and of course end up paying a late fee. And my Local Library is going through a renovation, so things are wonky.

  4. Kristen I'm just like you. As a kid I spent so much time at our local library. I loved that place right up through high school. Then I moved away and I haven't really hung out in a library since (with the exception of college and having to be in those libraries, lol).

    I have no excuse either. My MIL is a librarian! I need to go hang out at her library...

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I LIVED at the library as a kid. Mom worked up the street and I hung in the library. I read everything I could get my hands on.

    In college, I hung out there, doing homework, reading magazines, etc.

    Then, I quit going as an adult. Don't know why.

    A couple of years ago, I started donating books to the library for their "Friends of the Library" sale. While I was dropping off, I started browsing and buying used books. That got me back into their check-out shelves. Now, I keep a list going there.

    Last time I was there...The day before I left for Florida. I had to return a couple of audiobooks.

  6. Amanda Brice11:51 AM

    I adore the library! I'm there at least once a week, sometimes more!

    I use it to rent DVDs, novels, research material, travel guides, craft of writing books, and also to "study". I bring my laptop there at least twice a month to bury myself in a study carrel and write.

    Plus I love scattering Fictionista pens in the Teen section and then checking back an hour later and finding them all gone!

  7. Eek! That's horrible. Oh yeah, I library. My husband is not a read and has trouble with my desire to buy books. LOL So I try to respect him and get the bulk of my reading from libraries. Even if he wasn't in the picture, I'd still haunt my library. Hey, free books! What can be better? LOL

  8. I love the Library. I go all the time and watch which books people check out and then offer my unsolicited opinion. :)

    For Valentine's Day, I'm doing a Romance program at my library. I'm so excited.

  9. I love the library and it's kinda weird that I opened the post when I did... cuz I'm at the library. LOL

    Love the Boston Public Library at Copley. I still like to visit my old college library. And now they all have wifi.

    Barbara that sounds like a wonderful program!

  10. I am a regular user of two local libraries. In fact a new book I had on order has just arrived and I will be collecting it tomorrow :D

    I couldn't live without my libraries as I am a prolific reader of over 35 books a month and no money to keep up with that amount :D

  11. Jennifer4:17 PM

    I was a regular fixture at libraries throughout my school years. In elementary & high school, I made at least two trips every month to the public library. In college, I spent a fair amount of time at my school's library.

    At the moment, though, I am unable to go to the library often. The three locations closest to my home are all closed for remodeling.

  12. How can you not know where your local library is, Kristen??? Doesn't it suck you in with a magnetic pull? Don't your feet turn that direction while you're sleepwalking??? (I know mine do!)


  13. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Today! I love my library. With the internet now I can go online and request books from my local branch or any branch throughout the state and just go pick them up at the desk... It feels kind of like cheating, but it's oh-so convenient!

  14. I'm at the library all the time. But my library is a block and half from my house--and attached to my gym. :)
    They're expanding it right now to give us more computers and a coffee bar. When that happens I'll just move in. LOL!

  15. I haven't gone as frequently as I like. Though I would stop on my way home occasionally to pick up books I placed on hold for research. Now I have a new library not even three miles from my house. I just go online, tell them what I am looking for, they transfer it to my 'home' library and I simply swing by and pick them up.

    Occasionally, I will check out an author I have never read, though usually, I spend the dough for that.

  16. The last time I went to the library was about two weeks ago when the man made me clean out my bookshelves (again). I donated a couple boxes of books. Since our downtown library has a mailing program I don't actually go as much as I used to, but I do check out books online frequently and have them mailed to me (for free!)