Friday, January 09, 2009

Having to do with goddesses and Boston

I just found a wonderful review of my upcoming release for Samhain Publishing. Megan at Fallen Angel Reviews had this to say about Oh Goddess:

"I would recommend Oh Goddess to all of my friends and family. If you’re looking for a hilarious and fun read with magic and love, then grab this fast; I promise you won’t be disappointed!"

I can't tell you how excited I am for the release of this baby. Not just cuz I wrote it--but because all author and editor proceeds are going to the Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis. The cause is near and dear to my heart of hearts and I want everyone to promise they will buy a copy or four and help a 'Nista out.

(p.s. Oh Goddess is totally pg-13 and has less sex (actually--no sex) than most YA's I've read which is why I'm okay with promo-ing it here.)

And another thing. I'm going to the New England RWA chapter conference in March. Tell me, if you had one full day to sight see--what would you do in Boston? Because I've never been and I want to make the most of my trip.


  1. The New England Aquarium is there it's awesome. And Faniuel Market Place is fun too. Try a Duck Boat Tour there pretty good. I used to live in Worcester Mass. about 45 minutes away and these are places we used to hit. Oh and if you're a baseball fan Fenway Park.

  2. Wow, wonderful review--and how generous of you to give your money to a cause! ((hugs))

    Have fun in Boston!!! I used to live up in Mass when I was a kid...

  3. I agree with Rita, those are two great places to visit. But there's also Boston Common, our version of Central Park, with the Frog Pond - I believe you can still skate there. And there's the Hatch Shell at the Esplanade where the Boston Pops celebrate the Fourth of July. There's the Prudential Center, Boston Harbor. It all depends on what you're looking for.

  4. I'd probably hook up with Chrissy. Can't wait to get my own copy of Goddess!

  5. Amanda Brice10:23 AM

    Wonderful! Can't wait to read it, and that's so generous of you to donate the money.

  6. Oh I'll be hooking up with Chrissy all right...

  7. You have to do a Duck Tour. HAVE TO. I'd also recommend The Cask and Flagon and hanging out around Fenway-- best food in the city. Umm, and Faneuil Hall is fun.

    If the weather is good you can simply walk the Freedom Trail, too. Hang out at Copley Square, see Trinity church and get your Duck Tour from there. I may be forced to come do that with you. :p

    Yep, we're going to be at the conference together and Gwen is going to get a very huge hug. :)

  8. The CF is here:

  9. Amanda Brice5:23 PM

    I might be able to be talked into going.

    I'm seriously considering...

  10. that would be so made of awesome if you did, Amanda.

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!! And I've never been to Boston. Tell me how it is when you get back.
    Have a GREAT conference!!!!!!

  12. I had a blast on the Duck Tours. You have to do that. Lots of fun.

    Can't wait to read this book!