Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What your dream pet says about you...

Since the Fictionistas are big pet lovers, I thought this little quiz might be fun. Plus, I couldn't come up with any else to do. lol Besides, unlike most quizzes, the answer - for me anyway - was surprisingly accurate. That rarely happens with me and internet quizzes.

If space, money or regulations weren't an obstacle, which one of the following would you absolutely like most as a pet?

  1. Dog
  2. Cat
  3. Ferret
  4. Monkey
  5. Horse
  6. Tiger

No peeking below until you've made your choice!

This is NOT scientific, meant only to help you take a closer look at you in a very unsophisticated manner. This activity has been used successfully to facilitate discussions around self understanding in therapy groups.

Please accept what fits for you and reject what doesn't... be honest though.

Our pets tend to reflect our personalities. Here's what your choice suggests about you and how it impacts your relationship:

Dog. You're faithful, loyal and trustworthy or you'd like to be. You tend to stick around even if you're been beat down or pushed around. You can become aggressive when cornered, but you're generally harmless and make up quickly after a quarrel.

Cat. You're quite aloof and ever curious. You love the companionship of your partner, but on your terms. You're meticulously clean and like things orderly and routine. You definitely like to be in control.

Ferret. You are a detective of sorts. You love to get at the root of problems. Therefore you're a fun partner when it comes to finding lost items, but one to be nervous around if you're trying to keep a secret.

Monkey. You're high spirited and constantly chattering. You're inquisitive, assertive and like to be the life of the party. At times your partner might find you annoying while at other times you're just what's needed to add humor to a dull day.

Horse. You're strong and loyal with just a tad of a wild streak. You respond well to a gentle hand and tend to flee when spooked or afraid. Hanging out together with your companion is your preference over being alone. And though basically cooperative you can be competitive too.

Tiger. You are enamored by beauty and love to feel powerful. You're a bundle of energy and at times lash out in fury. Being alone is not a problem for you, on the contrary at times your companion has to entice you to doing things together.

Can you guess which one I picked? Which one did you pick? Was the asnwer correct?


  1. I picked horse. The answer is pretty close to my personality. :)

    I give up. What did you pick?

  2. I don't know what you picked, either--cat, or tiger?

    I picked monkey. ROFL it fit me... :D

  3. Oh my gosh! Okay, I don't like to be in control so much. I like freedom, for myself and for others. But everything else for the cat is right on! Very cool.

  4. Yes I chose cat and I wouldn't describe myself as aloof. At least, I hope I'm not aloof! LOL

  5. I picked dog. I heart dogs so much.

  6. I'm a cat -- and the description at least half fits me!

  7. Shelli Stevens3:18 PM

    I initially said cat but it was WAY off. So I switched to my second (horse) and it was a wee bit closer!

  8. The hubster and I just talked about this. He wanting a goat and me wanting a pot-bellied pig. I didn't see a choice for either so I picked a horse--it's pretty close except for the fleeing part. I got past that in boot camp ;o)

  9. aHEM, which one was your answer, Kristen?

  10. Okay, I picked a dog b/c I have one and I love them so much, but after reading the cat one, I think I have more in common.

  11. I couldn't decide between ferret or dog, and had a heart-ache not to add horse and cat.

    Honestly I go by the animal his/herself. I've had three familiars: a horse, a ferret, and Max.

    How could anyone pick by species? LOL