Saturday, August 30, 2008

History Comes Knocking

How do you avoid getting excited about a presidential race that, FINALLY, looks a lot more like America? Whomever prevails in November, we are living in astonishing times. An African American is the nominee for the Democrats and a woman has been nominated as the VP pick for the Republicans. I'm tingling!

Think about it... hard on the heels of the anniversaries of both the 19th Amendment being passed and Dr. Martin Luther King giving his "I Have A Dream" speech, these two Americans have emerged to stand in the spotlight of history.

And so, regardless of which party takes the White House in this election, we will be making history. In January the nation will finally-- FINALLY!!-- be represented by either a black man as president or a woman as vice president. Change is coming. There is no longer a wimp-out option. The bigots of the country must be flipping out. We've nailed the back door shut!

Come on... you don't have to even have political opinions to get goosebumps. It's just plain AWESOME!


  1. If they weren't all career politicians, I might really be excited. But don't mind me...I'm the rain on the parade when it comes to politics.

  2. I think that's what they call serendipity (about the timing of these). As you say, who can't be excited about the possibility of change? Although I have to say, I'm a little frightened by the idea of a gun-toting vice president. Didn't we learn anything from Dick Cheney?

  3. I agree totally. I'm sure my cousin and her hubby are having a hissy fit right about now. Not sure how they feel about Obama, but I know they both think politics is no place for a woman, that we are supposed to keep out mouths shut about that kind of stuff. Then they are also the ones who believe women don't have a voice in church. Blech on them.

  4. It truly is awesomeness personified.

  5. Shonna, I don't have a problem with women in politics - in fact, I think some probably make more sense than the men - I just have issues with this particular woman. Hats off to McCain for choosing a woman, but this one scares me.