Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My cabin vacation

Sorry I'm late posting, but I JUST got back in from my vacay in Hocking Hills, Ohio (which is in the middle of the state, south of Columbus). We stayed for 3 days in some GORGEOUS cabins down there.

While we were there, we went canoeing (I didn't fall in, thank GOD, haha--though the manpanion's canoe that he was sharing with my aunt tipped...poor them!). We also went hiking on a trail at Old Man's Cave. Here are a couple of photos of my trip (of course, all images copyright Rhonda Stapleton 2008):

Here's an image of our cabin. It was 3 stories--had 5 bedrooms. A fully decked-out kitchen (dude, it had a dishwasher. I DON'T HAVE A DISHWASHER IN MY HOUSE! Waaaaah!). Three porches. A hot tub big enough for 8 (oh man, I lived in the hot tub). Air conditioning.
I tell ya, this is my idea of camping! LOL

We went on a hike in one of the state park areas. It was absolutely stunning, the view in the woods. I couldn't believe how many photo shots I kept wanting to take!

This bridge was SO pretty. It was a stone construction. I had to take a shot, of course.

This was another lovely bridge--wooden this time. The walkways were mostly smooth from traffic, but you had to be careful where you walked--there were tree roots and rocks and such all over the place!

A beautiful scene with dappled sunlight streaming through the leaves. Aaaah, I'm such a poet. LOL.

Anyway, it was the perfect mini-vacation with the perfect weather. Couldn't have asked for better temperatures!

I was also highly productive writing-wise, thank you very much. I got 3 chapters revised and added 12 new pages to my manuscript. YAY me!

So, what about you--any good camping stories? Fantastic places you like to visit?


  1. Sorry, none of my camping stories are filed under "Good" but it sounds like you did it right. And all that work, too! You go, you happy camper, you!

  2. That beautiful cabin is the only camping I would even consider doing.

  3. LOL--thanks tootsie!! Yeah, I'm soooo not about roughing it. haha

  4. Dude, the cabin was soooo fantastic, Gwen!

  5. it's beautiful!

    but honey, that really isn't camping. If we take the tent out this fall, I'll be sure and photo-document it properly...then you guys can see what real camping is like. LOL

  6. Camping is too hard. It is like "do everything you normally do, only without electricity and running water--have fun". The planning,packing, the setting up, the bugs...I am a feather duvet kinda girl.

  7. That sounds fantastic. Gld you had a great time!

  8. Mel, I've been real, hard-core camping (ick, haha). My family is from WV, and we used to go "real" camping all the time. With tents, mostly, but there were times we roughed it out in the open when I was younger.

    The city girl in me MUCH prefers this method. ROFL

  9. LOL, Rhonda. I've been real camping, too, and this city girl MUCH prefers fake camping, with cushy cabins.

    I like hiking, I love nature. I just don't want to have to sleep in it.

  10. LOLOL Amanda...girl, I'm with you! I love fake camping. ROFL

  11. GORGEOUS cabin! I WOULD go camping if I had a place to stay like that!

    I did go to Lily Dale on Friday - very natural, outdoorsy place where you can camp though we didn't. No spiritual messages for me either. Must mean my life is perfect. :)