Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Musings

I'm in a philosophical mood today. Full of wonderings and posturings. I will not, however, wax poetic. Let's preceed, shall we?

Why is high school called high school? It's not the highest form of school - that would be college. Shouldn't college be called high school? Then high school could be called medium school.

Are there other numbers of pencils besides the Number 2? If so, what are they used for?

After all that forced math, why do I still have no clue how to balance my checkbook?

Where is my checkbook?

What on earth made me think boys were so intimidating? Especially now that I know most of them are afraid of me.

Speaking of math, what is the new math? Where did the old math go?

My brain is starting to hurt. That is all.


  1. You are so funny. Where is the #1 pencil. I've never seen it.

  2. Wow. This was deep.

    I've seen the #4 pencil, actually. It has extremely soft lead, and isn't used for much. Never seen a #1 pencil, though.

  3. When you're done finding your checkbook, can you find mine?

  4. I thought new math was what we learned...at least according to my grandmother at the time.

  5. (1) High school is called High School because it occurs when we are at our tallest. At the age of eighteen, we have already begun to shrink, so High School is Higher than College. (After all, what profession has the longest education? Psychiatrists. And what are they called? Shrinks.)

    (2) #1 pencils exist, but they are all in the drawer of your second grade teacher. Whenever any child asked to use one, she misunderstood and gave him a bathroom pass.

    (3) Balancing checkbooks is all about the inner ear. You either have it, or you don't.

    (4) Your checkbook is busy running a checks and balances statement. It will return once the federal budget is balanced.

    (5) Sure, boys are afraid of you. But boys, like dogs, are most dangerous when frightened. So your younger self had wisdom beyond her years.

    (6) The New Math replaced the Old Math, but the New Math was incomprehensible, and was replaced by the Old Math, which then became the Middle-Aged Math. And because no one wants to admit they're middle-aged, Math will no longer reveal its age, leading to your confusion...


  6. Cara, you have just won the prize for best comment on a blog EVER.

    Congrats. The check is in the mail. Of course, it's one of Kristen's checks, so good luck with that.

  7. I think I'm a little bit in love with Cara.

  8. Cara, do you write a blog? I'm so there.

  9. Wow, thanks, Gwen! Thanks, Amanda!

    (Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but my browser doesn't want to load any blogs today!)

    Barbara, I'm part of the Risky Regencies blog -- I post every Tuesday. (riskyregencies.blogspot.com).

    BTW, my hubby and I had an argument last night about whether it was #1 or #3 pencils that were the soft ones! So this blog clearly causes marital discord. (Or, on the bright side, it stimulates intelligent debate!)