Friday, August 29, 2008

Whatever I want

Summer's last hurrah is here. Not only is it the last weekend in August--but we also have an early Labor Day. So pretty much, I'm thinking nobody is going to pay attention to what I post today.

But I'm not skipping because Rhonda is going to get me back. I don't know when or she will get me for the jib-jab Wednesday.

So, I have decided to share with you my top three favorite music videos of all time. They are not necessarily my favorite songs (though I do like them) but they are my favorite videos.

I never get tired of that one...and I still love her hair. His too.


That one just....surprised me when I first saw it. And it makes me happy.


Is there anything cooler?

So what are your favorite music videos?


  1. hah! yes, be very afraid. ROFL. Well, it's no more than I deserve, I suppose, right? haha

    Anyway, I love videos. I love the star wars trumpet girl one, the george washington rap, and the kid who sings "hey jude."

  2. I'll be looking over my shoulder for you a long time, Rhonda.

  3. OMG! Yep, the first one is such a classic! LOL. #2, I can't believe how many video Chris Watkins is in. #3 ...LMAO. My favorite is Closer by Nine Inch Nails - if I ever made a video, it would be just like that one, it's so artsy.

  4. I always loved that A-Ha video. I liked the video Def Leppard did for Women which also had a comic book theme.

  5. Love your choices, Gwen!

    One thing I particularly like about the Fatboy Slim video is how the steps Christopher Walken does are actually all in character for the character -- okay, the dancing itself is weird, but he does some tap steps and some ballet steps and things you can imagine a guy of his generation would know...

    My faves?

    -- I prefer OK Go's earlier homemade video to their treadmill one -- I mean the one they did in their backyard, to "A Million Ways" (I ADORE that song, and the dance.)

    -- Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science." (And Europa & the Pirate Twins, cuz he's so cute in that one.) ;-)

    -- Weird Al's "White And Nerdy."

    All three very nerdy choices...which is why I like them!


  6. Am the only one who thought Christopher Walken was kinda hot in that video?


    I personally like the Indian Thriller video.

  7. I like the prison version of Thriller too

  8. How can you not love the sheer genius of #3?