Friday, August 15, 2008

A Fair-y post

I am draped across my couch writing this with the front door wide open cuz we don't need no stinkin AC in the Northwest...except for days like today. Today would have been a good AC day. Instead, I have an open front door.

Which not only brings in much needed fresh air...but noise.

The county fair is taking place about a mile away from my house, so I can hear the music, the screaming, an occasional announcer...and I am wondering when did I lose all desire to actually go?

I used to love the fair. The animal barns, the great big vegetables on display--and the rides! Oh gosh I used to love the rides. Now, I can do one fairly lame one and I usually wish I'd skipped it. But my favorite part, of course, was the food.

Why does EVERYTHING taste and smell so much better at the fair? (unless of course you are tasting it on the way back up after a non-advisable spin on the tilt-a-whirl--but again, I digress). My husband brought me an elephant ear this evening, so I'm feeling pretty content...but oh my gosh...even hot dogs taste good at the fair.

So, what is your favorite part of the fair? Do you still go?


  1. Dude, I heart the fair so much! I love elephant ears...but the rides kind of freak me out. I have a hard time trusting something that can be broken down so quickly, LOL.

  2. I haven't been to that many fairs actually. When you grow up on the Boardwalk of Ocean City, MD, you don't really need a fair. Still, I get what you're saying about the food. I am a cotton candy junkie. I know it's nothing but sugar, but I adore it.

  3. R-I know how you feel about the carnival rides. It takes like a day to put them up.

    K-they don't have really big zuchinni at the Boardwalk.

  4. I haven't been to the county fair in ages, even though the fair grounds are only a couple miles from where I live, and have never been to the state fair. I was never that big on rides. I mean, I would do something, but I hate anything that goes upside down. I hear you on the food, though. Two words: funnel cake.

    BTW, do you guys have the RSS feed turned off on your blog? I keep trying to add you to Google Reader, and it says you don't exist. *sniff*

  5. I haven't been to the fair since high school, actually. Probably not since the year I was in the Queen of the Fair pageant. Yes, I did pageants. Yes, you can make fun of me.

  6. Heather....that is all techy and stuff. But there is a link on the right that says subscribe to posts and then it takes you here:

    and on that page, you can choose what reader you use. I was able to add it to my google reader that way.

  7. What is an elephant ear, btw?

    I'm more of an amusement park girl myself, I must say. I adore looping rollercoasters and water slides.

  8. One of the oldest(if not the oldest-- it's an old argument) town fairs in the country is right here in my town and it opened today. It's the 141st one.

    And in a freaky same-brain moment I started a YA WIP set at the fair, then crossing over into an alternate universe, this week.

    Out of my head, Hayes!!

  9. Oh... and an elephant ear is a ginourmous pastry.

    I'm a fried dough girl.