Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spoiling for a Fight

I suppose knowing you are in a bad mood is half the battle, so to speak. But I have to say, I have been spoiling for a fight almost all week. I know myself well enough to recognize that it's me, and my circumstances. But I also can't seem to resist the urge to throw down a gauntlet... again and again, in fact.

See the problem is my man knows me. He's been deliberately, belligerently cheerful all week. He knows I had a hellish end to February, plowed head-first into March with a chip on my shoulder, and would dearly love to bait him into a big blow up. So he has been really nice.

Big jerk.

I suppose I could fall back on my old habit of finding a rock at the very end of the Green Harbor jetty, where it's too deep for anyone to be swimming, and break glass. I like the sound it makes when it smashes on the rocks, know it won't be hurting anyone, and kind of like looking for the soft-focus, smooth-edged seaglass it will become later on. Sometimes I see an unusual shade (mauve, lilac) and even recognize it. AH! How pretty! I think that was the wine bottle of our big blow up in May of 2003.

So I have been scarce on the interwebs because let's face it, there has never been primer real estate for fight picking. And since I know it's ME, not the easy targets of weblandia... well, it's just not healthy to give in.

But man... I would dearly love to slug somebody right now. Anyone feeling very... victimy? No? K.


  1. Punching ducks seems popular at the moment :> You could always get one of those rubber chickens - it would be a good substitute.

    Hope March treats you better than February!!!


  2. I have been a raging Beyotch the last couple weeks. I blame it on hormones, birth control pills, stress of changing jobs and moving temporarily for that job, as well as being away from my honey for every bit of it, lol. It can't possibly be that I am just cranky...

  3. In a glorious moment of irony in the universe, today actually dawned lovely, springlike, and free of suckage.

  4. Yay on the free of suckage.

  5. HAHAHA you crack me up. Seriously.

  6. You better not take it out on me. I've been told by my daughter that I have an "edge".