Monday, March 01, 2010

the Olympics are FINALLY over

Thank Goodness.

I accidentally watched the olympics this year once when I was at a bar and they had Curling on TV. Um. Yeah. this SNL skit sums it up perfectly for me:

I wanna like Curling...but really, it just looks like they're sweeping. And I do enough of that at home, so I'll pass. Thanks.

I really don't enjoy the winter Olympics at all. I know I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't and I'm sure y'all are throwing virtual tomatoes as I type this, but I can't help it. They bore the crap outta me...and I'm always cold when I watch.

I'm never happy when I'm cold.

So now we can get back to regular TV and I can be happy again.

Carry on.


  1. I am normally an ice skating nut but this year I couldn't get into any of the Olympics.

    Until the hockey thing last night. And honestly, I was wigging. And while I am very annoyed that the bacon-sucki... err maple-swiggi.. err... took-weaering-hos... umm CANADIANS won, I have to admit that Crosby kid is really cute.

  2. I actually love the winter games more than the summer ones, esp figure skating and hockey. Was rather depressed at the outcome of yesterday's game. I told them not to let Crosby get the puck! Hmph!

  3. LOL My husband and I totally had the SAME convo about curling. Cracks me up =)

  4. I enjoy watching some of it, just the same as the summer games...

  5. Amanda Brice4:43 AM

    OK, curling is utterly ridiculous (how the heck is that a sport?!), but your post title made me sad. :( I am so sad that the Olympics are over.

  6. I was really disappointed that NBC didn't show anything but the hockey game live on the west coast. Though, I'm really glad they finally did with the hockey game--it was just kinda sucky to live so close and HEAR about the events 3 hours before I got to see them. Made me not watch most of them.

    But yeah...that game was awesome.