Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The cog in the machine

Unless you've had your iPod cranked and you've been living in a crack in the earth, you've probably heard at least the slightest noise about the rise of the steampunk genre. New books are cropping up every day and even movies seem to be giving it a nod lately.

What do you think? Are you reading it? Recommending it? Do you love it, hate it or does it leave you indifferent? Would you like to see more of it? If you like it, what do you like about it? If you hate it, why does it evoke that emotion in you?

Personally, I think it's pretty stinking cool. I love the gritty, shiny, brassy feel of it. The barely restrained technology, the fashion, the manners, the daredevilness. It feels both brand new and deliciously antique at the same time.

What about you? Talk steamy to me!


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Love it! Gail Carriger's Souless was fantastic! I think I am certainly biased toward that which has a romantic plot line, even if it isn't the main one.

    I am also writing or I should say planning my own Steampunk romance. I can't wait to really sit down and start writing it!

  2. Yeah, I'm totally loving it too :o)

  3. I love the aesthetics of the Victorian/Edwardian eras with the added punch of something new. Love it.

  4. Amanda Brice8:22 PM

    I've never read any and haven't had any interest in doing so.

  5. I live for good steampunk. So far most of what I have read in romance has been forced. Not all of it, but a good portion.

    When done right it is delicious.

    I'd love to see a rich, beautifully crafted YA series.

  6. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm willing to be convinced.

  7. I love Steampunk. Just finished reading Clockwork Heart and really enjoyed it!!

  8. I dig the idea, but I can't say if I've ever really read steampunk. I know I liked some of the steampunk movies, though.