Saturday, October 17, 2009

In Praise of Cupcakes

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Cupcake Day, not to be confused with National Cupcake Appreciation Day. I'm not making it up. And to be honest, though I find a lot of the "national whatever day" stuff to be silly, I am a huge fan of chocolate cupcakes.

I love cake... but cupcakes are so personal. You don't have to share; they're single-serving. You don't need a plate or fork. It's okay to be sloppy and get frosting on the end of your nose.

Here are my cupcake standards:

1. Frosting... lots. If there's no frosting involved we're really talking muffin, not cupcake, and that's practically health food.

2. No jimmies/sprinkles. I know they're festive, but they really inhibit full frosting appreciation. I find them gratuitous.

3. No "mini" cupcakes. This is facism and censorship at its worst. DO NOT regulate and corrupt the cupcake.

Those are my only rules, really. I actually like chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting as much as chocolate or fudge or coconut... as long as there's frosting.



  1. I am actually a fan of the mini. And I think sprinkles are prettiful, but don't really like to eat them. And what fun is having a cupcake to look at and not to eat?

    (as an aside, I don't like chocolate cake or cupcakes. But I like yellow with chocolate frosting.

  2. You know I like chocolate with cream cheese frosting and yellow with chocolte frosting, so I feel ya.

  3. We like the kind of cupcakes that could never get married by the judge I wrote about yesterday.

    So sad, but think of the children.

  4. I need a red velvet cupcake. My SIL makes the best cream cheese frosting ever.

  5. Oh, this would be a big day for the heroine of my current WIP! I actually have a chocolate cupcake baking scene in it.

    That said, I'm with Gwen. I don't like chocolate cake. But cupcakes in general - yum!

  6. I'm not a fan of the frosting so much. When my mom made cupcakes I asked her to keep some unfrosted for me. But I wouldn't turn down a frosted one, chocolate, yellow, whatever :-)

  7. I agree, mini cupcakes are just WRONG! I love icing. Its the best part.

  8. I like pretty much any kind of cupcake! And sprinkles are just fine by me... My favorite kinds have strong flavors -- blandly sweet cake and blandly sweet frosting always seem a waste to me. But a strongly lemon or chocolate or pumpkin cupcake is heavenly...


  9. Oh my gosh, haha, this is so funny to me because I persuaded my husband to run to the store and get cupcakes for me yesterday. In a rare fit of craving, I swear! I got chocolate ones with naturally colored buttercreme frosting (so they taste like whatever berries and juices used to color them). My very favorite cupcakes! I'll be sure to save one for tomorrow so I can celebrate properly.

  10. I heart chocolate cupcakes. Oh so much.