Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

October is my absolute favorite month... and autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. It isn't just the changing of the leaves, though that certainly ranks pretty high. It's also the crisper air, apple season, and the tension between summer ending and winter beginning. I feel revived, ready to slow down for winter, but also eager to make things and find ways to occupy myself. I write more in the cooler months.

Here are a few other things I simply love about October.

I have a great fondness for dirt roads. I love the way trees meet overhead. I love the way they seem to be moving off slowly to someplace lovely, and inviting you to come along. And I love them best of all with a crunchy dusting of leaves.

I also love pumpkins, even though I won't eat one. And I love-love-LOVE stone walls... the way they stagger along a tree-line on an old estate, or the way they seem to embrace a piece of land that has remained unmolested. I love the really, really old stone walls in New England. They melt back into the earth as if the land will tolerate divisions and markers as long as they are stone and lichen-caked. Ahmed went nuts decorating our stone bridge with pumpkins this year.

I love the leaves before they "peak," with green mixed with the colors... and when they are past "peak," and are scattered all on the ground, too. Peak is over-rated!

I'm nuts for bittersweet. When winter comes the cardinals, bluejays, and chickadees show up against the snow and sit on the bright branches, but in the fall the berries are waxy and fat, and they pop in late October. I like making wreaths and trimmings with the branches. The colors make me think of spices!

And here in my neck of the woods we have swans, who mate for life and stay in the same bogs, lakes, rivers to nest every year. They are gorgeous year round, but somehow the snowy white bodies drifting over pools with colored leaves that fall like confetti down under the water... they're stately and peaceful. Seeing them together always makes me smile.

What do you love about autumn where you are?


  1. Amanda Brice11:35 AM

    I love autumn in DC because it's one of the few times of the year where it's nice out. Not hot and not cold yet. Just perfect.

    Gorgeous pics!

  2. How pretty! It was in the 90's here. Again.

  3. Did you take all those pictures--beautiful!

    I love soup in October. It tastes the best.

  4. I took the top ones. I did not take the bottom one of the swans.

    My swans were uncooperative. Little snobs!

  5. Total vanity here but I love fall because I can lengthen my extensions! Goodbye sweaty neck!

  6. beautiful pics. i love autumn too!!!