Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family roadtrip

When my brother and I were kids, my parents were big on travel. They would routinely rent a driving camper, pack us into it and head across the country. Sometimes it was just us, sometimes we took a set of grandparents or another family, but it was always an adventure. We saw the Grand Canyon this way (twice, actually), camped in Disney's Fort Wilderness, drove through Death Valley - we saw all sorts of things and went all sorts of places. My dad was always willing to make a detour if the location seemed interesting enough.

In fact, I can remember him packing us up on random afternoons and taking us for a drive with the specific idea that we were out to "get lost". Maybe that's where my love for travel comes from?

What's your favorite childhood travel memory?


  1. We spent a month pulling a pop-up trailer from Florida to the Grand Canyon and back one summer when I was in high school. We saw some beautiful country, but my fav part was a canyon outside Flagstaff. It was hotter than the dickens up top, but the deeper we went into the canyon, the more trees and shade and cool, cool, air there was.

  2. Jennifer Russell10:00 AM

    The first trip that comes to mind took place during my elementary school years. My family & I took our first (of many) trip to Captiva Island, Florida. Coming from Atlanta & its million-plus population, I always loved going to the sparsely populated island. Sitting on the beach, watching the sunset most days during that trip is still one of my favorite memories.

  3. I despised every trip we made until we actually got there. We never went to a single place but my grandmother's in Virginia. We'd visit Granny and all my dad's siblings-- he had 8 sisters and 3 brothers. We always enjoyed the laid back fun once we got there.
    But the trip ALWAYS stunk. Me and my brothers crammed into a car that probably shouldn't have been street legal. Mom always thought it was genius to leave after dinner, drive straight through the night so we'd sleep through the trip... only she kept shouting "WAKE UP KIDS IT'S THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT" or "WAKE UP KIDS IT'S THE CUMBERLAND GAP!" Which, of course, we could not see in the freaking dark.
    Yah. No warm fuzzies there. But OOOOOh once we got to Broadford... GRANNY'S FRIED CHICKEN!!!! And cold Dr. Pepper, which you could not buy in the north then-- right out of glass bottles at Guy Clear's store.

  4. We spent so many summers at various Florida beaches it would be hard to pick one favorite memory so I'm going to say all my childhood summers are my favorite. My parents used to do goofy things like set up treasure-hunts along the beach. I don't remember what any of the prizes ever were, but my sister and I had the best time :)

  5. Traveling to my grandparents in WV. One time, the car caught on fire under the hood. My dad said, "everyone out of the car--it's on fire." But he said it so calmly that none of us panicked. My mom was slowly gathering her magazines and purse. My sis and I were grabbing books and stuff out of the back seat. Then he started hollering, "HELLO--I said the car is on fire. Move it!" hahaha

    Another time, a wild turkey almost hit our car as we were driving. Ah, good times.

  6. I have no fond memories of family road trips from my youth. I have tried to correct this for my children.