Thursday, October 01, 2009

Big Changes

In Mel's post on Monday, she mentioned that she's considering taking an alternative career path and becoming a teacher. Good on ya, Mel! That's awesome!

I, too, am seriously contemplating a major career move. I'm not quite ready to speak the words aloud, because I don't want to jinx it, and also because I'm not quite sure exactly how it's going to work, or if it will, but I'm taking a huge leap of faith today in working towards it, so please wish me luck.

Anyway, have you ever taken a leap of faith and totally changed directions in your life? If so, did it work out the way you'd hoped?



  1. Jennifer Russell1:14 PM

    Good luck, Amanda! Cannot wait to hear about it! Though often scary, sometimes making a major life change can be the best decision you make.

  2. I quit working for my dad's company. At the time, it was a really hard thing to do and I felt some guilt about it, but it allowed me to write full time, so now I know it was the right move.

  3. GOOD LUCK! Going to get my Master's took a big leap of faith, but I am super glad I did it. :D

  4. I had to leave a toxic work environment once before. I should have done it two years sooner than I did, but it was the most satisfying door close ever.