Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are brains really that tasty?

Lately when it comes to young adult fiction, zombies seem to be the new black.

I must admit, the appeal is lost on me. Yes, vampires are undead too, but they're the hot undead, unlike zombies who are well past their use by date. Plus, zombies eat brains. Brains vs blood. Hmm. Brains are still grosser.

So why are zombies taking over bookstores these days? What's the appeal? Do you like them? Have you read any zombie books?

Splain it to me!


  1. I'm with you....the undead vs re-animated corpses is not a hard choice.

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I've read only one YA Zombie book (You are so Undead to Me by Stacey Jay) The zombies certainly weren't the heroes of the book. I can't see a zombie was a love interest. Ewww

  3. I've never read any zombie books, but I LOVE zombie movies. Some might even call it an addiction. I'd lurve to put on some kick ass boots and kill some...it's a not so secret fantasy of mine ;)

  4. I just started "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." So far, lots of fun! I'll let you know how I liked it;)

  5. I like zombie books--I read Forest of Hands and Teeth. Also read Generation Dead. Both feature zombies (the second features a zombie who is a romantic interest). Very interesting and different takes on the genre!

  6. Amanda Brice1:20 PM

    I don't get it either. Gross.

  7. Ok, I just started a zombie project... BUT it was in response to the zombie thing and with much the same confusion you express, Kristen.

    I just happened to run into the very nice family that runs the local funeral parlor and thought "they are SO nice." But what must it be like to grow up with that stigma?

    Zombie Prom came from that. It will be sort of a romantic comedy with strong zombie elements... and no brain eating... though some stuff falls off before the last dance. *wince*

  8. Zombies are in? I had no idea. But yeah, I haven't read one and it really doesn't appeal to me.

  9. I'll have to reserve judgment till I read one! Though I think grossness in a villain (or horde of villains) isn't necessarily a bad thing...

  10. Amanda Brice8:25 PM

    Chrissy, kinda like your Elvis-as-a-vampire idea (that I think later became Jim-Morrison-as-a-vampire), Zombie Prom seems kinda tongue-in-cheek and in response to the trend. Totally different than those books that really take it seriously.

    Plus yours are funny.

  11. Little Jimmy walks up to the big pirate, Blackbeard. "Gee Mr. Blackbeard," Little Jimmy says. "How'd you get the peg leg?"

    "Well," Blackbeard replies. "I was fighting hordes of undead zombie pirates for the treasure of the Spanish Main when one of them chopped it off. Stump still bleeding, I got the treasure, killed ten more pirates and then swung to the ship with my bonny lass."

    "Cool!" Little Jimmy responds. "How'd you get the hook for your hand?"

    "Well," Blackbeard replies. "I was in the Amazon, when suddenly this huge crocodile comes up and bites me hand off. I start to wrestle it to the ground and eventually subdue it by choking it with me other hand and crushing its skull with me feet."

    "Cool!" Little Jimmy responds. "How'd you get the eyepatch?"

    "Well," Blackbeard replies. "A seagull pooped in me eye."

    "Huh?" Jimmy says, confused.

    "Well," Blackbeard explains, "it was the first day with me new hook."