Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What's your guilty pleasure?

First off, we have a winner for yesterday's contest! tetewa -- please email Kristen with your name and address HERE to claim your prize! CONGRATS!

Okay, so we all have things that we love. And sometimes, we have an unusual love for something beyond what's normal. haha. But they're our guilty pleasures, the things we turn to when we need them for whatever reason. Here are a few of my guilty pleasures:

1--Air Supply. Yes, I said it, out loud. Don't judge me! LOL. Sometimes I get a hankering for a cathartic moody session, and Air Supply is my go-to music for that. Something about their soft, depressing lyrics just works to help evoke that emotion from me when I need it. Of course, I have to limit my listening time, to keep from jumping off a bridge or something. haha

2--Peanut butter and chocolate. This deadly combination, often found in chocolate bars, ice cream, etc, makes me go BATTY wild with glee. I love when you're eating chocolate ice cream, and you hit a thick ribbon of peanut butter in it. Sometimes I even add extra PB on top, if I'm feeling extra sassy. *drool*

3--Pedicures. This is a new guilty pleasure for me, and maybe I shouldn't feel super guilty about it, but it's not like I'm rollin' in the dough or anything. haha. But something about having someone else rub your feet and pamper you just makes me sigh in happiness.

4--Soda. I can't help it. I know it's not the best for you, but I adore Dr. Pepper so much. I also have a lot of love for Coke with lime. mmmmmmm...

5--Romance movies/books with chase scenes. You know, where the hero and heroine have a huge fight, and the heroine is about to leave on the plane to fly to Barbados or somewhere exotic, where her boyfriend/fiance who's a big jerk is waiting for her (but he's actually cheating on her or doing something equally sinister and she doesn't know it yet), and the hero realizes he messed up big-time about something-or-another and he's about to lose her, so he hops on a tractor or in a cab or rides a galloping horse or something and runs after her, and he arrives at the airport and thinks he's too late and then turns around feeling depressed and sorrowful and there she is, waiting for him with that look in her eye that says, "OMG I can't believe you came here...for ME." THAT kind of scene.

Okay, time for you to share...what's your guilty pleasure?


  1. I think I mostly try not to feel guilty about my pleasures... even if other folks think they're silly.

    However, that said, I suppose I am embarrassed that I still like Chef Boyardee and its ilk! So that could be a guilty pleasure. Oh, and Lucky Charms. And Peanut Butter Crunch. And Apple Jacks.

    Guess mine are all food-related. (Well, I am a female.) ;-)

  2. Oh my word, we are soul sisters on the PB&C combo! Choc PB ice cream is my FAVORITE. My mouth started watering just reading that!

  3. Ooooh, guilty pleasures...
    Is it sad that I still have near religious reverence for my old Christopher Pike books? My beloved collection is secretly stored behind a line of annual Best American Short Stories on the top shelf of my bookcase. In fact, I think this weekend will be a revisit with Final Friends.

  4. I absolutely adore 70's soft rock songs. And 80's metal ballads.

    And...TEEN MOVIES. Anything with Freddie Prinze Jr. or Molly Ringwald.

    And BBC adaptations of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell novels. Oh...Richard Armitage and Colin Firth, I love you with the heat of a thousand suns.

    I'm still waiting to find something from this century, lol.

  5. Amanda Brice6:32 PM

    Mmmm...chocolate and peanutbutter.

    I agree with Gwen. teen movies are definitely my guilty pleasure. And Disney Channel and ABC Family. LOL!

  6. Good comments!! Thanks for sharing. :D