Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If today were a school day, I'd be home sick

We went to the shuttle launch last night. Official launch time, 1:36 AM. We had a special pass that got us into the turn basin, which as close as you can get without actually being part of the launch crew. It was pretty cool. Unfortunately due to weather, they scrubbed the launch at about 1:34 AM.

I didn't get to bed until about 3AM.

As a result, I am now Zombie Kristen. And yes, I am cranky enough to eat brains. At some point, I will have to nap because, you guessed it, the launch is rescheduled for 1:10 AM tonight and we're going back.

What things have you upset your normal routine for? Would you go to a night launch if presented with the opportunity?


  1. I would totally go to a night launch! That would be awesome--if you take pics, share them with us!

    I once went to the midnight showing of Star Wars--I think it was episode 3.

    But here's my big nerd moment--the manpanion and I waited in line overnight outside of Target for the big launch of Wii. It was insane, LOL. We were EXHAUSTED. But I'm glad we did it, because they sold out FAST.

  2. Soooo disappointing to swat bugs and dodge lightning all that time and then not have the shuttle take off. But exciting too, to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

  3. Well today was day 16 of waking up at 7:20 am for no reason. I am NOT a morning person. I feel ya.

    I'm torn between being crazy jealous of your launch props and a bit afraid. I can still remember the shuttle that came apart in front of everyone with Krista McAuliffe on it. (Was that the Challenger?) I know it was a really unusual thing to have happened, but I also remember thinking "OMG there are families with kids there thinking they were going to see this glorious moment in history." They did... but not the way they wanted.

    I'd probably chicken out.

    Sleep, babe, and have fun tonight!!

  4. Oh missing sleep combined with a disappointment would make me a cranky zombie, too. Dose up on caffeine. ;-)

  5. Hmmm... I'm not 25 anymore. Need. Sleep. I'm afraid my days of midnight outings are long gone but I envy those of you who have the energy to do them. Thankfully, if I *am* out very late for some reason, I do not have kids to send off to school and I work at home so I don't have to replace windows, or any alarm clocks that are hurled through them.

    Hope you have a great time tonight. Prop those eyelids open! :)

  6. I stayed up til 3AM last night too--cuz I have the fabulous Bria Quinlan in my house. I'm way too old for this, but I bet we'll do it again tonight.

  7. Heck yea I'd go!
    I'm pretty good about getting 6 hours on 'school' nights. I know - I know, they say you're supposed to get 8. Well, you find me 2 more hours, and, um, I'll fritter them away playing bejeweled or something.

  8. I'm with Chrissy. Seeing a launch would be awesome, but I still can't look at footage of the Challenger explosion and not tear up. It's just too emotional.

  9. Anonymous8:12 PM

    heck yeah, I'd be up at 1:30 am to go to a launch! Sorry about the cancelation. That sux.

  10. Ooh, I am not a nice person when I don't get enough rest or miss a meal. But for the space shuttle I might miss both, lol.

    Have a great time, and I hope that little birdy flies this time.