Wednesday, August 19, 2009

High school activities

What kinds of activities did you participate in when you were in high school? Or, if you're still in high school, what do you currently do for extracurricular activities?

As for me, I was a huge, huge, HUGE band geek in school. I was in the marching band and pep band (I played trumpet)--I was even drum major my senior year, which was totally fun and surprisingly hard. Gee, I wonder why people my age didn't want to listen to me boss them around. haha

I was also in the French club--we didn't really do a whole lot, except make crepes. Mmmmm, crepes...

Other than that, I didn't much after-school stuff, except for participate in the school musicals/plays (either by acting, or by playing trumpet in the pit orchestra). I'm soooo not athletic, so I didn't do sports. Trust me, it was safer for everyone that way.

What about you? Did/do you participate in extracurricular activities?


  1. Ooh, crepes do sound great!

    I was a theater nut. I acted, sang, and did tech. I practically lived in that theater!

  2. There were extracurricular activities in high school? I was too busy reading comics to notice apparently.

  3. I was active in my band, The Beach Rats... and my boyfriend, the lead guitarist.


  4. I wasn't into anything related to my high school. You couldn't keep me there any longer than I had to be, uh-uh. LOL.

    That said, I volunteered at a pet store several days a week until I was old enough to get my worker's permit and then started working there. If I wasn't doing that, I was loitering around the shopping center with my friends or reading. : )

  5. I was on the swim team and the soccer team, and in the theater and swing choir, and German club, and the school paper.
    ((waives pom poms madly)) GooooOOOOO TEAM!

  6. Amanda Brice9:32 PM

    I was involved in probably WAY too much.

    ** Cheerleading (I made varsity my junior year, which was a big deal because only two other junior girls did...I was captain my senior year)

    ** Musical theatre and drama (all four years...was student choreogrpaher my sophomore year and had the female lead in the musical my senior year)

    ** Student Council

    ** Yearbook

    ** Choir

    ** National Honor Society

    ** National French Honor Society (and taught a weekly French class to 1st graders...that was super fun!)

    ** Model UN

    ** peer tutoring

    ** SOS (Save Our Surroundings)...the environmentalism club

    ** Peer Development Program (upperclass mentor for freshmen)

    ** Dancing (although that wasn't associated with the high school, of course...that was completely separate)

    ** Prom committee

    I think that's it. But I could be missing something. What can I say...I was a joiner. It's a disease. LOL

  7. Though I've never considered myself much of a "joiner," I somehow ended up involved in a number of activities in HS:

    * Orchestra (violin)
    * Arts magazine (editorial staff)
    * Yearbook (senior yr only - drafted by my friend who was editor)
    * Stagecrew for two theater productions
    * Beta club (math & science kept me out of NHS)
    * AFS (summer exchange to Norway)
    * Forensics (serious poetry category)
    * Writers Club (headed by local YA author Jocelyn Riley)
    * Youth writers conference (7th-12th grades)

    In contrast, I was only involved in two activities in college, the arts mag and my sorority.

  8. :raises hand: Band nerd here. First chair flute. Our band did marching at football games, playing from the bleachers for basketball and in the spring we were a symphonic band.

    I was also a member of the Quiz Bowl team throughout HS, and the science club in sixth grade.

    Yes, I was, and always will be, a geek. The closest I got to a cool-kid thing was the Senior play, because some of the most popular were into that.

  9. Drill Team the first two years--cheerleader the nexy. Senior year, I focused on...not much. I was in a play.