Monday, August 17, 2009

the thrill of Walmart

After living in Oxford, MS for 7 years and having very little choice about where to shop, I began to loathe Walmart. I didn't care if the prices were 'always the lowest', I cared that it was always busy, always on the other side of town, and always Walmart.

Then my book got published and I started getting little notes about Walmart sightings across the nation.

The first came from my friend Karla in Arizona.

Then a few came from Florida. A few from Arkansas (I still haven't seen my own book at Walmart yet, but I keep looking)

Then Gena Showalter told me she nearly broke all the glass in the building with her squeal when she saw me in Oklahoma.

And yesterday, my friend Lucy sent me a picture of my own book at a Walmart in Texas.

Yes, I think I've officially arrived...


  1. OMG dude, that is marvelous!!!

  2. You'd already arrived, of course! :-)

    Hope the ride was lovely...

  3. Amanda Brice2:56 PM

    That's so awesome, Mel!

    I haven't been inside a Walmart in months, so I don't know if you're here in the DC area, but I'll make a special trip and look for you this weekend.

  4. Who wrote that book with the ugly orange cover?


  5. Melly is in Wal*Mart!!!

  6. Dude! That is freakin AWESOME!!!

  7. Oh! Congratulations!!! There is not a Walmart in San Francisco, but I was visiting a friend and went to her Walmart - did not see a copy of Bundle of Trouble there - but then again didn't see a mystery section either!