Friday, August 28, 2009

The One Where Gwen Invites Bria Over

We have a houseguest at Casa de Gwen this month. (The fabulous author Bria Quinlan who has also guest posted for us at Fictionistas. I guess that makes her a professional guest. Kinda like Kato Kaelin.)


So, when you bring someone into your home you realize things about your life that you never paid attention to before. Like, your entire household is crazy. That one of your dogs thinks he's a cat. That the cat sounds like Darth Vadar. That the puppy is actually bi-polar. That the other dog is likely pretending she's really old and tired and achy (she's only 8) to get out of dealing with the rest of us.

And I haven't even gotten to my kids yet.

Bria knows now that I have far too many jammies and that I put them on at 6:00 in the evening. She knows that it takes me about three hours to drink a glass of wine. She knows that I pretend to write more than I actually do. That I tease my kids more than a good mommy should--or at least I enjoy it more than a good mommy should. That I totally used her arrival as an excuse to buy cheesecake and hummus. That my husband's life dream is to be Red Foreman from That 70's Show, and yet he buys a watermelon because he heard her say she likes it. (also, he's making us brownies RIGHT NOW)

She also knows that my town is REALLY boring--but on the flip side, she's been able to nap and restore in the world's most comfortable chair. And I think when she hits the road again, she'll take with her that that while my life is far different from hers living in Boston, I've got it pretty good.

So, if I came visit you for a vacation, what crazy things would I learn about you?


  1. Anonymous12:59 AM

    AWWWW... I guess the "how do you spell Kato Kaelin" question shouldn't have worried me quite as much as it did :)

    thanks for having me gwen lovey

  2. Probably that I'm surprisingly anti-social when I'm home.

  3. I have a cat who thinks he's a dog. And a stuffed cat who gets regularly kidnapped by aliens (or so he claims.)

    I have canned food in the pantry that is who-knows-how-old.

    And I own lots of Backstreet Boys cds. :-)

  4. First of all... I tear up thinking about you guys together. Isn't that lame? I love my interwebs peeps together.

    Second... omg, the things you don't want to know about me. I sleep in a tank top and men's boxers with the fly sewn shut. I have bizarre taste in decorating. I eat like a high school football player with bad parents. My family is insane and they really don't care whether you are offended.

    The animals? Max makes noises that can't POSSIBLY be canine. Winky is just... Winky. Jeeves is a pervert. Zari is a snob. Mo (my appaloosa gelding) may be the only horse alive who licks like a dog. And wild animals follow me around like they're pets. Always have. It freaks people out.

    Although I have managed to banish the snakes from the indoors...

  5. Amanda Brice4:05 PM

    Hi Bria! I'm so sorry I missed you when you came through DC.

    If you came to visit me, you'd learn that I'm a crazy planner/organizer. Oh wait. You probably knew that already. Anyway, I'd offer up my tour guide services and would probably lead you on a marathon sightseeing tour through DC. Just ask Shelli/Robin/Crystal/Loribelle. Oh, and evidently, pregnancy doesn't slow me down in that manner.

  6. YAY, sounds like you guys had a blast!! :D