Monday, August 24, 2009

the all important first kiss

My first kiss ever was the summer between 6th and 7th grade. I was at the lake with a friend of mine, and this boy (I can't remember if he was her cousin or family friend) had been flirting with me all day. I remember being nervous for several reasons. I looked cute, but was the only girl not in a bikini (I could've totally worn a bikini, but my mother had issues with them) I also hadn't really dealt with boys in a boy/girl way. My experience with boys was on the football field, basketball court, and baseball field. Yes, I was that girl.

Boys didn't really see me as a girl for a very long time (even though I probably had one of the best racks in high school...) It's always fun to see these guys from high school now because even though I'm not a girly-girl--there is no denying I am a woman.

Anyway, this boy and I were holding on to either side of a raft and endlessly flirting as we drifted further away from the crowd. Our legs and feet kept touching, our hands kept touching, and before I knew what as going on, our lips were touching as well. And then our tongues.

I knew about French kissing but honestly, up until that moment, I didn't get why someone would do that.

And then BAM! I totally got it.

I'm lucky my first kiss ever was so good because believe me, I've had some bad 'first kisses' since. I'm going to be blogging about the good, the bad, and the ugly kisser over at my personal blog today, I think. Pop over if you wanna continue the discussion.

So how was your first kiss ever? Do you remember the person fondly or do you still want a do over?


  1. Amanda Brice8:47 AM

    My first kiss was the week before Valentine's Day in 7th grade.

    I was "going out" with this boy Matt, but of course, like most junior high relationships, we didn't really go anywhere. Sure, we went out to the movies once or twice, but that was definitely the exception rather than the norm. Mostly we just held hands in the hallway. sat together on the bus, and talked on the phone.

    Anyway, he and I were on the same school bus route, and one day, one of Matt's neighbors (who was also in our same grade) made some loud obnoxious comment on the bud ride home about how come he never saw us kiss. "Don't you guys like one another? Aren't you going out?"

    Of course, neither one of us wanted to admit we'd never been kissed, so we denied up and down that we hadn't kissed. "Oh sure, we kiss all the time."

    So John said, "Oh yeah? Then show me."

    And that's how I got my first kiss. Dared into it on the bus ride home from school one day.

  2. I totally want a do over, mine was so pathetic, I don't even remember it.

  3. I don't have an exciting first kiss story. IN fact I had to think hard to even remember it. LOL I believe my first kiss was when I started dating at 16 and it was on our front porch, just a brief brush across the lips. It wasn't anything all that memorable and I didn't go out with him again. More than likely we just weren't a good match and he probably felt the same way.

  4. I was 15 when I got my first real kiss. Crazy that it took so long! Anyway, it was at a roller rink. LOL yeah, I'm so cool. I was there with this guy I was huuuugely crushing on. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I'd kissed him. haha

  5. Hahaha, that's so funny you both wouldn't admit it was your first kiss.
    Mine wasn't so bad -- I was lucky. Mine sure was a dumb situation though. Mine was when I was 14, riding in a car with some friends, and I was too shy to say anything to this guy who liked me. I'm not shy but oh man, I just didn't know what to say. He planted it on me. My only complaint was it was a little bit slobbery. But not so much that it was a deal breaker.

  6. First real, not little-kid-kiss was with a "summer guy," who was only in town til school started again. His name was Danny but everyone called him Red. We met in June and decided to hang out. Somewhere around the end of week 1 he started putting his arm around my shoulder and it morphed from "12 and hanging at the beach" to "12 and omigod he's cute."

    He was 14. Yeah... I was dating up already. LOL

    We did a few shy kisses, then one night the tongues came out. So began the Summer O Lovin.

    Never saw him again after one long, teary make-out session at the Fair in August. I watched for red hair over the years, but Danny was a one-termer.

    Maybe I scared him off.

  7. Wow, I guess I was a late bloomer;) My first kiss was at 16, because I don't count the kiss I had at 13 while playing spin the bottle (don't tell my mom). It was sweet, but I wasn't really into him (he asked me out on my first date- we went to a school dance and later he became one of my best friends in HS).

    It wasn't until my senior year that I had, what I would say, was my first real wowzer of a kiss. He was my chemistry 2 partner (and the smartest boy in class) and I needed an escort for Homecoming Court, so I asked him to escort me (thinking we were just friends.) I wore a red dress and he wore a black tux and I remember thinking "wow" when he came to pick me up b/c until that point, I was just interested in his superior mind. Who knew he could balance equations and kiss too?

  8. His name was Bert. Or Burt. Not sure the spelling. I really don't remember it. I think I was 9? Now the kiss I got at 20...yeah, I remember that one. ;o)

  9. Mine was Brian something-or-other, and I was 14, I think. He was older, maybe 17 or 18? He lived across the street from my cousins, and he was 6 foot 6 (a whole foot taller than me), but wasn't skinny - had a body that matched his height and he was HOT! God bless that boy for giving me an awesome first kiss! (oh yeah, and an everlasting love for older guys and tall burly guys)

  10. these are some great stories! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  11. I really can't say the first kiss was all that memorable. But I love writing first kisses. It's a do-over.

  12. Squid4:40 AM

    bleh deff. do over XD
    see i always go to my cousin lisa's house over the summer. were three years apart and at the time i just turned twelve and so she was fifteen and in highschool. christian i shall never forget the name XD

    well we went to a show with some local bands and i hung out with her and her highschool friends. and ofcourse the one asshole who got baked was like "give me a huggg!" and when you decline they say oh now you hate me. its like no i just don't want to hug you and your marijuana self. well i did. it was kinda long so i looked up kinda wondering and bam! he kissed me. it turned into a french kiss and other things... and i wasnt even learning sex-ed yet! (but had a clear common knowledge on that stuff.) then later found out he was a junior. and drove. i was like wtf! it really isn't that important but my first kiss was stolen away... hah oh well (: i gave it away for the first time to my real first boyfriend the summer after that:p

    supposivley first kisses are important and some people save them until marriage. but i mean its not like it was that important but i deff. wont forget XD i would redo though. but all is fair in love and war:p

  13. Anonymous1:31 AM

    I hate my first kiss... I was 16 and I wish I could take it back. I try and tell myself that first kisses aren't important, but everyone else seems to think they are... I want to think that "first kiss" with a new boyfriend is more important than a "first kiss", but no one seems to agree.
    It was unromantic, and the guy is probably one of the only people I actually hate.