Wednesday, July 08, 2009

2009 Goals--How I'm Doing to Date

Since the year is half over, it's a good time to evaluate myself on the goals I set in THIS POST. Let's see how Rhonda's doing so far:

1--I'm going to find time EVERY DAY to spend by myself. Success!! I've achieved this one, for sure. Even if it's just a few minutes, I've been spending a little time to myself just reading, chillin' with a video game, or playing around on my lappy.

2--I'm going to re-study Japanese again. Um, partial success. The manpanion's taking Japanese, so I've helped him in his studies. I signed up for Rosetta Stone through work and played with a few lessons on there, as well as used our DS for the Japanese Coach program we bought. But I need to get on the ball and start doing this more for realz.

3--I'm going to read at least one new book a week (I may do a weekly post on my blog discussing the book I read--that could be fun!) Again, partial success. There are some weeks where I read a book a day, and others where I struggle to find time to finish a book in a week. I'm in a big of a reading lurch right now, but I predict it will pick up again.

4--I'm going to learn at least 1 new dinner recipe a month. OMG total, utter fail. I completely forgot about this goal. ROFL. I should get on this--it's still a really good idea, now that I actually REMEMBER it. haha

5--I'm going to plan and book my dream trip to Japan!! *sigh* fail. Too many expenses cropped up in the spring, and I couldn't do it this year without us suffering for it and having to charge most of the trip. Just can't do that right now. But I did get in contact with a travel agency and obtained a brochure, and will talk to them next year...when I hopefully have more cash. LOL

6--I'm going to come up with a sensible "diet" and exercise plan. Oy. Massive, MASSIVE fail. 'Nuff said. haha

7--I'm going to use my foot spa and massage chair thingie at least once a week. Another fail (I forgot about this one too), but I have gotten massages...and I totally got a pedi for the first time a couple of weeks ago! I am so hooked. Now that I remember this one too, I should totally do it. haha

8--I'm going to get a for-realz massage at least once a month. Mostly fail. I did get a massage in June, tho, and will plan one for this month.

9--I'm going to get a new tattoo. SUCCESS!! I rocked hard on this one...I have a new piece-in-progress on my back that I am so in love with. Each session makes it come more to life.

10--I'm going to make sure I drink at least one glass of tea per day. Mostly success. Probably 5 out of 7 days each week, I have at least one glass of tea. I've been drinking iced tea like a mutha lately. LOL

How about you--how are the yearly goals going so far, if you had any? Anything you're rocking hard with? Or, anything you have to hang your head in shame about, like moi? LOL. Share with us!


  1. I was doing pretty good with diet and exercise until family came to visit. Must get back on that. Other than that, I can't remember my other goals. lol

  2. Man, it's so uncompromising to look back at the actual list of goals! Makes me glad I didn't make one. LOL

  3. I'm such a chronic goal-misser that I stopped setting goals! :-)

  4. LOL I hear's kind of depressing to see how many I flubbed up, but at least I have another half-year to work on them! ROFL

  5. Did I make any? I don't think I did.

  6. I was really doing well until June. I'm lagging now. I think part of the problem is every time I think my big projects are getting ahead I am tempted by five little ones!