Thursday, July 23, 2009

Borders Expands Teen Section

You can read the whole article here but I'm so excited that booksellers are figuring out that Young Adult is different from children's literature.

By expanding the space that means they'll hopefully be expanding the selections. And more is better for readers and writers. According to the article, they are noticing a lot more crossover of adults reading YA and YA readers reading from the adult side. I know that when I was a teenager, whenever we took our covered wagon to the library, I always chose adult books. There just wasn't the kind of quality for YA that we have now. You can only read so many Sweet Valley High books, yes?

What are your thoughts on the YA genre getting it's own niche?


  1. I'm psyched. I'm also no longer angry with them for messing up the sections since this, I think, was why. :)

  2. We don't have a Border around here, but I did notice that our indie bookstore has expanded their previously non-existent YA section.

  3. I think it's a great idea! And hopefully they'll organize it in a sensible manner...

  4. Amanda Brice1:35 PM

    Borders and B&N around here have always had separate YA section located between children's and adult, but I never thought it was anywhere near big enough. And the books seemed to be randomly pushed in there by author, with romance next to scifi next to mystery next to whatever, kinda like a regular "Fiction" section. More organization would be nice.

  5. dude, this is awesome!!