Monday, July 20, 2009

Bad Beauty Decisions

(FYI, I'm posting instead of Mel today because she doesn't have Internet access)

So, I colored my hair this weekend. The box said it was supposed to be a deep brown. But the hair on my head most certainly looks a lot closer to black. In fact, it's really REALLY reeeeeally dark. My daughter loves it. It's certainly...striking. LOL. Oh well, it'll fade, right? And it's certainly not the worst thing I've ever done in the name of beauty.

I've made several beauty boo-boos in my life, two of which revolve around my rather full eyebrows. Like the time I tried to shave my eyebrows because I couldn't find my tweezers. That was a really dumb idea--please don't try it at home. I had razorburn for a couple of days. Attractive!

Or the time I decided I was going to wax my own brows. I put the stuff on, tried to rip it off, and no hair came off. Instead, I lost several layers of skin, resulting in thick SCABS under my brows. Double attractive!

Dry-shaving my legs right before a date was another dumb thing I did once. YOWCH, the continuous stinging razor burn from this is totally unforgettable. I spent the whole date cringing at how awful my legs felt.

What's the worst beauty decision you've made? Hey, there's bonding in shared pain, right? LOL


  1. I remember a particularly bad perm once. The stylist wanted to try a new technique that included twisting the hair and then rolling it. Hello Medusa!

  2. In high school I shaved out the sides, spiked the top, and had a tail that was down the middle of my back. Also... err... it was maroon. Not auburn. Remember cellophane? Bright raspberry highlights on dark brown hair that turned maroon.

    It was the 80s.

  3. I died my hair black once. It wasn't a good look.

  4. Oh, ouch.

    In college, I combined hydrogen peroxide and water to spritz on my hair every morning. Let's just say it was an interesting look. Thank goodness it grew out.

    Heh, and around the same time, I got one ear pierced. I guess I was trying to be 'different'. I looked different all right. Even my sisters asked me if I started 'playing for the home team' if you catch my drift.

  5. Using a home color kit, I once turned my hair apricot. There's really no other way to describe that color.

  6. Oh I remember the hydrogen peroxide/water spritz! A lovely orange it was.