Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Good news Tuesday!

I've had a lot of good news lately - one of the main tidbits being that I sold my urban fantasy series to Orbit last week in a 3 book deal - and I thought it would be nice if everyone shared some of their good news!

It could be anything, so share away!


  1. Ooh! I'm the first to comment :) You already know, but I signed with an agent last month and that definitely falls in the good news department!

  2. Congratulations on your Orbit sale! And way to go, Katie!

    Me? I started a new story last night, which is good news for me. Only 1500 words so far, but oooo, it feels good. =o)

  3. Big congrats again on your good news deal! Wonderful.

    Me? It's a bright and sunny right now. No rain.

  4. So happy for your book deal, Kristen!

    As for me, my good news is I finally - FINALLY - started the re-write of my novel. Got through the first chapter yesterday and hope to get through at least two today. For me, that's huge!

  5. Congrats on your 3-book deal, Kristen! We share a couple of things in common on the good news front. First, I'm a fellow Knight Agency author. Second, my fabulous agent Lucienne Diver sold my debut Regency historical in a 3-book deal to Grand Central on June 25th. And to top it all off, 7 days later, the premise of my book on Publisher's Marketplace got featured as an example of a high concept novel on Night Owl Romance! Anyway, hope to meet you in person in DC!

  6. You know I'm thrilled about your deal, Kitteh! Couldn't be happier.

    I shared my good news yesterday. But then, I guess today's good news is that BITE ME! will be available exactly 3 weeks from today!

  7. I am SO happy for your good news. YAY!!!

    As for me...my good news is...um, I'm alive! haha. I don't really have anything else major going on. Oh, wait--I am going to NYC in just over two weeks to chillax with some other YA writers for a retreat. It should be a BLAST! And I get to meet my editors!

  8. I'm just thrilled for you!
    Actually - today's good news is great indeed. I bought a pair of Sam and Libby leopard print heels this weekend, and today I'm breaking them in with very little effort.
    So so comfy!

  9. Amanda Brice2:16 PM

    Your news rocks!!!! I'm so excited for you!

  10. My dear friends are doing well and I swear that means more to me than my own goodness.

    3 Book Deal for Kitteh Kris

    umm New Development deal for Amanda (snert)

    Mel's got her book coming soon, and Rhonda's is closing in faster than she thinks

    Gwen is working on an incredibly cool WIP (from what I saw)

    I'm still here...

  11. Your news is awesome. :-)
    No good news writing-wise here. LOL But life is good. :-)