Monday, July 06, 2009

eeek! It's REAL

I have a book. A REAL FREAKING BOOK.

With my name on it and everything.
See, I have a blurry self photo of my book to prove that it exists. It's real. And it's mine. (and if you still don't believe that it's mine, you can open up the back cover to see my picture. so there. I win. :p)

What a thrill it was to get this in the mail the other day! What a lovely thing for my awesome editor to do. My entire weekend was made when I opened up my final revision package to find a pretty wrapped present inside.

And when I ripped off the tissue (which, coincidentally (or not) matched the blue on my cover) I nearly peed my pants when I saw the REAL THING staring back at me. (okay, maybe I did pee a little. But don't tell anyone, mkay?)

I'm a published author. I have an awesome book (duh) that YOU will be able to buy off the shelves at a bookstore in 22 days.

In 22 freaking days!

Holy smokes!!!!!

It's finally starting to sink in. It's real. And I have proof because I'm holding a real copy of my dream.

And I hope you will be holding a real copy of my dream as well. :D And for a good dose of Karma, I strongly suggest you buy two or more copies.


  1. 22 DAYS?!?! What? I have an ARC and it says September and it's with all my September releases. Why must you confuse me with moving the pub date up?!

    lol. But really, I can't wait to read it! Guess I'll just be getting to it sooner then.

  2. Yup, July 28 is the release date! They moved it up to take advantage of some bookstore promos involving snarky vampires as opposed to dark and dreary. It's definitely got the snark!

  3. Amanda Brice12:43 PM

    So exciting! But I wish it was releasing earlier, so I can get my signed copy during RWA next week. Wah!

  4. me too, amanda! I was so upset when I realized the dates were just 2 weeks apart. Sux!!!

  5. You know, of course, that I made a huge scene at Borders, demanding that they pre-order my copies so that I wouldn't have to stand in line on release day.

    I SWEAR TO GOD... two people overheard me and ordered copies.

    You're welcome. I love you. LMAO

  6. I swear Chrissy, if I wanted more babies, they would be yours.

  7. YAYYYYYYYY!!! OMG this is so exciting. I hope you do a post showing what you did to celebrate on your release day!!

  8. I did it for Rhonda, too. Barnes and Noble for her... gotta spread it around. LOL

    I also turn any Diva books I spot cover-out... and I've moved stacks to the new release display more than once.

    I am the Better Fiction Bandit. Really, it should come with tights and a cape.

  9. Congrats, Mel!!!! Best feeling ever!

  10. wooohooo :o) congrats!!

  11. Wait, Mel, you're gonna be at RWA? I'm totally trying to go- at least for the literacy signing!! We should totally meet up and hang out! If all goes well, I hope to kinda hang around the hotel where it's happening at and meet up with author friends to hang out or grab lunch or whatever. Might have to bring my copy for you to sign, lol. :)

  12. congrats Mel!

    And Better Fiction Bandit totally needs a tshirt at least.

  13. I'm totally going to be at RWA. I arrive Tuesday. I'm not signing at the literacy signing, but email me if you're going to make it and we'll definitely connect! Would love to meet you.