Friday, July 10, 2009

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

Recently, a very good friend of mine told me a secret and it was MURDER to keep. I was so happy for her, it was great news--but I couldn't tell anyone. And we have so many friends in common that it was physically painful to not spill. But I did it. I zipped my lip and was a great friend.

Have you ever told a secret to someone who didn't keep it?


  1. People tell me secrets all the time - mostly because I can be a vault when required.

  2. Absolutely--I've had people spill secrets before. So when I'm told a secret, I really try hard to keep my mouth shut because I know how that feels.

  3. It's a terrible betrayal when you trust someone and find out they let you down.

  4. Amanda Brice11:52 AM

    You did a GREAT job of keeping it, my dear. :)

  5. Amanda Brice11:53 AM

    Oh, and I have to wonder whether a secret I told recently was spilled by the person who received it. Because it got out. But the person I told it to claims she didn't tell.

    I guess I'll never know.

  6. I have a huge mouth and talk alot but I will take a secret to the grave. Which can be a double-edged sword, btw. PEOPLE TELL ME EVERYTHING and I don't always want to know.

    As for secrets of my own-- I don't tell anyone anything I can't assume they will blab. Exceptions?

    Ahmed. End of list.