Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty...

If you look at the pics Mel posted yesterday, you might be able to tell that I'm wearing false eyelashes in my "dressed up" pics. Yes, they're a little over the top, but so am I. I'm also wearing body glitter. And platform shoes. Again, over the top - just like me.

See, I LOVE being a girl. Dressing up, wearing makeup, pretty clothes, killer shoes, perfume, jewelry...bring it on! However, in high school, I was clueless about all that stuff. My mom, while a very feminine woman, was a farm girl and didn't have much idea about what to do with a lot of that stuff either. (I eventually taught her about makeup.)

Fortunately, I ended up at a fashion and design college in NYC. I learned a lot - I learned to experiment, to take chances and not care what other people thought, to go out on a limb fashionably speaking. Those years taught me what worked and what didn't. When to push the envelope and when to seal it up neatly.

So yes, I tend to be a little adventurous when it comes to the girly side of life, but false eyelashes never got anyone killed. (That I know of.) Do you take chances when it comes the way you look or do you play it safe? What's the craziest thing you've ever done fashion-wise?


  1. ROFL...I've done a few crazy things in my life. Um, arm warmers--you wouldn't believe the looks I've gotten from people at work over them! Also, when I was a teen, I wore those timberland yellow boots with shorts. haha.

  2. Great post! You looked fab in you lashed too. I guess my big fashion risks come with my hair I'll do short one day then get bored and go braids or a long weave. I'm fine with that. I love the look of heels but still can't take the pain. I'm a awful walker. So sad.

  3. Having been a dancer and actress for so many years, I tend not to take ANY risks with makeup these days. I just got really burned out on makeup and stuff like that. In fact, I barely wear any...just lipstick. But I also am blessed with naturally long, very dark eyelashes, so most people think I'm already wearing mascara and eye makeup. Nope.

    But I adore heels. In fact, I can barely wear flats. I started dancing in high heels tap shoes at age 8, and I shortened my achilles tendons as a result, so flats hurt my feet. Seriously.

  4. I'm a bad walker too, Kwana. I stumble in clogs. No heels for me.

    My biggest fashion risk lately?
    I pierced my nose last month. When it comes to clothes, I'm not really a put-together kind of girl. If I try too hard, it ends up looking like I tried too hard. Know what I mean?

  5. I need to use false eyelashes, just never have. Always wanted to, though. Maybe I'll try that out sometime this year!

    I love killer heels, but HATE wearing them. Killer is right.

  6. First of all, you went to design school? That rocks so hard.

    My most bizarre fashion choice must have been coloring my hair shocking magenta when I was 15.

  7. Umm...you're my fashion consultant.
    What do 'you' think is the craziest thing I've ever done fashion-wise? :)

  8. I'm a fashion bore. I wear whatever I feel like wearing and if people don't like it, ah well.

    One of these days I'll head for an RT and do ridiculous things. In the meantime *shrug*

  9. You look so pretty.

    I don't take chances with my clothes, it just dosen't work for me.

    Of course now I'm a over weight, 40-ish midle aged woman, and who wants to see me in platformed shoes and body glitter? *shudder*