Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things that annoy me

I thought it would be fun (haha) to post a list of things that annoy the crap out of me, and then you guys could add your own annoyances so we can have one ginormo list. Why not? It's Wednesday, and I'm avoiding work. LOL

--False fire alarms at work (we just had this happen, and it's screechingly annoying--thanks for the headache, maintenance guy!).

--People who do things in the office that are better left in private (e.g., clipping nails, farting, talking on the phone about their persistent body plagues, and so on).

--Jeans that are tight and cut uber low, so your body fat is smooshed out the sides (muffin top).

--People who wear NO underwear beneath said tight and uber low jeans, so I end up seeing a massive slice of crack EVERY TIME YOU BEND OVER. Trust me--your buttcrack is not hot. No, really--TRUST ME on this.

--Sun glare while you're driving (especially if the stupid visor doesn't help).

--Perpetual roadwork.

--People who have mullets but don't know they have a mullet. Dude, everyone in the free world should know what a mullet is by now.

--Flip flops that chafe between your toes.

--Ear buds that fall out of your ears every .2 seconds when you're trying to listen to music.

--People who hate using turn signals while driving. Dude, what did the turn signal ever do to you to deserve such negligence? LOL

--Companies that use misspelled names just to be Kitchy Kute.

There are about a million other things I could add to the list, but I'd rather hear what annoys everyone else. So come dish it up--let's be crabby together! haha.

(Okay, I'm not really crabby, I swear. But sometimes, whining can be therapeutic. Don't judge me! haha)


  1. OMG. you hit on two of my biggies.

    Clipping toenails at work! I mean, you would think NOBODY would do that, yet they do. And it's gross. hell, I don't like hearing it at home, but I definitely should not be subjected to it at work.

    I hate misspelled business names. Like Klassic Kutz. Why would I want you to cut my hair? You can't spell? It's what I call "Country-with-a-K" and I refuse to give them my bizniss.

    I also hate it when people conduct impromptu meetings at my desk or just outside my area. Dude, go to your office. I am not involved.

    And I hate speaker phone conversations in the middle of cubeland. Get a headset or go to a conference room.

  2. ROFL--exactly. Clip. Clip. Clip. GAAAAAAH! It's so crazy!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA you rock--I love your misspelled business names rant. You go, girl!

    LOLOLOL--your work rants rule. GO GO GO!!

  3. My city planners or whomever is in charge of the clusterduck happening in town right now. We live in a smallish town. There is one road with two bridges that connects the westside to the rest. It needed new bridges--so they set up detours--and then proceeded to start a new project on one of the detours. Hello? If downtown needed new pipes and consequently, new sidewalks sooooo badly-why not do them the year before the huge bridge project?

    and Jim Carrey.

  4. Where are you guys working that people clip their toenails?! *puke*

  5. OK, clipping toenails at work? Seriously? Ew.

  6. It's the grossest thing--I just work in a regular office'd think it was in the ghetto. *shudder*

  7. the building where I worked in Oxford was a big warehouse type building that had an upstairs loft.

    We were a software development company. We had several different departments, but Customer Support was in the "loft area". Now the building was designed to be an "open" space office (totally sucked, btw) and on the side that support was located, there were the only offices with "ceilings". However, you could see straight down the wall from the Loft into the ceilinged offices below. It was a strange set up.

    I'm telling you all this because the way we found out there was a huge gap there was because one of the Support guys was clipping his toenails and they were landing in the windowsill of the office attorney who sat below him.

    It was vile.

    Plus, being in an "Open Office" we could all hear him clipping. which made my stomach hurt.


    There are just some things I never thought would happen in a place of business. Toenail clipping was on that list.

  8. I hate folks talking about their operations or legal troubles super-loud on their cell phones in a public place, and then expecting you to pretend you can't hear them. (I wish I couldn't, believe me!)

    I hate it when I ask a waiter to give me a clean fork because the one I was given has crud on it, and he acts like I'm way too demanding...

    I hate leaf blowers.

    I really, really hate cilantro! :-)

    And I get unendingly annoyed by people who think they're better than you, and therefore the rules don't apply to them...they take cuts, they stick tons of stuff in the overhead compartments even when told not to, they rip pages out of library books, they let their dogs do their business on someone else's grass and don't clean it up, they scratch their initials on delicate plants and ancient buildings...

    (Ahem. Sorry. Must calm down....)


  9. Oh, the personal stuff in the office is one major reason I refuse to work in them anymore.

    Today (and really in general) my big, annoyance-apalooza hot-button is twerps who refuse to acknowledge the concept of CONSEQUENCES. Whatever do you MEAN I can't spend like I'm a millionaire without having to pay the bills? Of COURSE I can quit my job and move to some cool-sounding location without any means of support, only to strike it rich just as I get off the bus. Why not get a dog that I can't afford to give veterinary care? Hey, loans aren't something you have to worry about NOW... it's not like they ever want the money back...

    These people have a tracking device that drives them to my kitchen when the consequence thing kicks in. I wish I had an auto-destruct button.

  10. Okay, since my Clark Kent job is currently motel management, most of my rants are related.

    Guests who throw hissy fits over paying late charges when they know the rule, have had exceptions to said rule and have promised to pay the next time.

    Guests who I, the idiot that I am, stay above the room I'm in and move furniture until 4am.

    A boss who makes deals with said annoying guests, then 'forgets' he made them, which in turn falls back on me and *I'm* the liar.

    Um, I don't have any pent up anger issues, really, I don't. :)

    Oh, and not work related (yay): I hate bad drivers. I have a slight *cough* case of road rage and idiotic drivers drive (haha) me nuts. And, being as I'm in Florida, 99% of our drivers are bad drivers.

    I'm done now. Really. I am.

  11. I wasn't going to respond to this one until I went directly to my e-mail and my friend e-mailed some bullshit link that if you don't forward this to 13 friends your family will die or something tragic will happen. Wha? That 'FW' crap drives me crazy. So I immediately let her know it was her fault if anything happened to my family. Gee, hope she doesn't e-mail me anymore garbage (it's noone here)!!! I mean, please, anyone in their right mind knows that crap is ridiculous! I just thank God I work in an enviroment that if anyone wants to clip their nails we have to consult a podiatrist!!!! :)That is disgusting!

  12. I need to add to this one:

    --Jeans that are tight and cut uber low, so your body fat is smooshed out the sides (muffin top).

    and SKIRTS that are too low and are also causing a muffin top. Yes, I've seen it. Today.

    Also, at the library, patrons who shush ME the librarian and who should be using a study room if they want it quiet. Beeyotch!