Friday, May 02, 2008

What about prom, Blane?

Prom is one of those things they build up soooo much--for such a harsh let down. I remember the guys were more "whatever" and waiting for the afterparty, the girls were spending a lot of time taking mental notes for the post-afterparty snarkfest, and ohmygod the line for pictures was insane. You spent half the night waiting to get your picture taken.

However let down I was, at least I didn't

Wear this:

Cuz I love me some Molly Ringwald, and I love that she went to the dance to show them that they couldn't break her, but I really hated that freaking dress.

And while my school had its share of wackiness, prom never ended like this:


And, thankfully, nobody placed cruel bets on me (shame on you Freddie Prinze Jr.):

I didn't pee my pant after being completely mortified:

And I didn't show up in my mathletes uniform:

Know what else, though? I think the reason I kept going, and the reason we keep watching these movies is because we hope to have this moment:

Cuz isn't this really what it's all about?


  1. AWWWWWWWW...I love it. A good old trip down movie memory lane...thanks!

  2. I love prom movies. I think the most realistic was the American Pie one--everyone looked like they were really bored and nothing was living up to their expectations.

    But I wish I had put a picture of the ultimate prom movie in my post. Kevin Bacon anyone?

  3. Great pics. Another good prom scene is the one in Never Been Kissed. True, she wasn't really a high school student, and the prom was 'theme', but I loved it.

  4. That was a good one! I loved the theme to that and it was hilarious that they all got so into planning to win the competition.

    There was some squikiness though, with the dating high schoolers bit. Especially the brother.

  5. I hated that dress, too. Which sucked the rest of her clothes in the movie rocked!!

    Oh, well. She should have been with Duckie anyway.

  6. OK, I love you. All those movies rock!

    But you totally missed "Never Been Kissed."

  7. Dude. She TOTALLY should have been with Ducky. I agree! LOL

  8. Gwen you are sooooo good for my 80s nostalgia!