Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Kingdom For A Nap

Ah, the power of sleep. I love sleeping. I love lazing around in bed with a good book especially. But the days I get to do that are few and far between. I almost always take a nap on Sunday afternoons. My body has come to expect it. And since my cats often prevent me from getting a good, solid, uninterrupted 8 hours these days, naps are a great way to recharge.

But when I was in college, five hours of sleep and I was golden. I did, unfortunately, have to say ciao to my 8 AM Italian class since it conflicted with my *ahem* clubbing schedule. See, we were just getting in around then and 8 AM was my bed time.

Now I find myself thinking of a nap when I should be working. Or starting to drift when I'm laying by the pool or watching TV. Not that those are bad times to fall asleep, unless you've forgotten to put sunscreen on.

Are you a napper? How many hours of sleep do you need?


  1. I've been working at this particular place of employment long enough that I now qualify for the work-at-home program, which means I would literally work at home all but 15 minutes every week (they've whittled down the reporting requirement to as little as possible so they could prove to OPM that it's not necessary...just waiting on the Congressional measure that would get rid of it entirely now). I'd totally lose my office at the office.

    But I haven't signed up for the program because I know myself. I'd just want to nap all the time and not work. And that would be a problem.

    In fact, when I'm writing, I've found that I need to bring a laptop to Panera or the library or somewhere, because if I try to write at home, I'll either start watching TV or nap.

    I am an utter wreck if I don't get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Have been ever since soph year of college, when I had mono.

  2. I used to be a huge napper...now, I nap about twice a month. I do need 8 hours of sleep and if I have a week where I am getting less than 8 hours more than one night, I'll end up napping to catch up.

    And now that I have my little snuggle-pug, Ruby, naps are even better. I'll have Hector-the-Cat on my feet, and Ruby beneath the covers curled into my stomach. Life is good.

  3. I'm constantly amazed at how little sleep I needed in college and how much I need now. I used to be an awake until 4am, up by 8am for classes/work. Now I'm wrecked if I go to bed past 10pm and get up earlier than 6. (Which has been this past week or so for me.) I nap on the weekends sometimes, but never during the week. Must be that weekends are the only time I can nap without feeling like I should be doing something else.

  4. I napped regularly with both pregnancies and anytime I'm the passenger in car for more than two hours. Other than that, I have to be sick. I love sleeping, but I have problems sleeping and if I nap it makes it worse that night.

    It sounds wonderful though. In fact, it sounds really good right now.

  5. ROFL--good topic! I loooove napping. I never get to do it, though, and I hate starting a nap after 3, because that means I'm groggy and cotton-mouthed all day. I hate that feeling. LOL

    If I get less than 7 hours of sleep at night, I'm a zombie. I prefer getting at least 8 hours, but 9 is awesome.

  6. I never seem to get enough sleep. Only about 5 maybe 6 hours a night so I'm always tired during the day. But naps make me even more tired. Ugh.

    Thats a great photo!

  7. A good nap rates up there with a good latte... I don't like DIE without one, but sneaking one in means it's a great day...

  8. I want 8 hours. I can function on less but I REALLY want 8.

  9. I love naps. Seriously need them most days. Especially if the man didn't sleep well. I need eight hours, whether I get them at night all at once or not doesn't matter. I do get eight at night, usually, but it's rare for it to be a good eight hours. An hour or two after the boy is gone fixes me.

    I probably sleep too much to be honest. But... sleep is good for us! I'm sticking to that. :)

  10. OMG I love sleep. I was another marathon-woman in college, but those days are soooo over. And it's not like I DO get the sleep, either.

    In fact, I slept til 10 am this morning, did my hospital duty, and still got yelled at.

    People are so mean to me!


    Love that cat!

  11. I can't make plans for Saturday afternoon because that's my nap time. ;)