Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Vacation!

For lots of teens, it's already summer vacation, or it will be any day now. If I was still in high school, it wouldn't be summer vacation for me just yet...we always went until mid-to-late June. But I know my cousins in South Carolina are on break now.

Anyway, that's what sucks about growing up. No more endless weeks of summer. I only realize it's almost summer now because it's warmer in the morning while I walk to work, and the neighborhood pools have opened. But do I get a summer vacation?

No, not really. :(

OK, I really shouldn't complain. Last year at this time, I was hiking in the rainforest near Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, and two years ago today, I was taking a tour of a native village that had a lot of totem poles in Ketchikan, Alaska. And I also went to England and France last August.

So yeah, I do get vacations. Usually. Not this year, though. My big vacation of the summer will be the RWA National Conference in San Francisco. Which will be awesome. Don't get me wrong.

But it's not Costa Rica.

Anyway, what are your summer vacation plans?


  1. It's RWA nationals for this girl, too! LOL

  2. Same here.

    And maybe if my daughter plays tournament softball, I will get to stay at some random Super 8s after a long day at ballpark with no shade.

  3. You make it sounds SOOOOOO appealing, Gwen. LOL!

    I actually can't wait for RWA!

  4. well, I had to choose between RWA in SF and a week at the beach with girlfriends. I chose the beach.

    Other than trips to the lake to hang out on the pontoon boat, no vacay for me this year...unless we sell our house in MS...then I'll vacay to celebrate!

  5. We're headed to Hershey Park in a week or so for a family thing, then there's San Fran and a late summer retreat with friends. We travel a lot, so staying home is actually a treat.

  6. I totally get what you mean, Kristen. There was a stretch during April and early May when I was literally out of town every weekend and it was driving me insane!

    I think I might go to Hilton Head at the end of August, though. But that's not 100% certain, because of Mr. Brice's crappy schedule. Got to get in those billable hours.

  7. It's RWA for me, too -- and then the following week, the World Science Fiction Convention! So I'll be very familiar with hotel food by the end of it -- but I'll have loads of books and geek toys to console me. :-)