Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friends in Low Places

Ever feel like the world around you has gotten too big, too scary, and too much to handle? Yeah, me too. I've been feeling a little low.

The reality is, life is not our enemy, and the world will usually be on our side if we are responsible occupants of it. But let's get real... how many days do we feel that way?

Lately I'll admit... I've been kinda freaked out. May is always a busy month. And pollen, along with the air pressure, and sudden muggy atmosphere, well... they kick my butt. I can't breath, I'm overworked, and even though things are going well for me lately, I've been a little too stressed out to enjoy it.

So, what with my guy being AWOL, I had lunch with some friends. And last week I got this really great package from my Diva-Sister Dana. And my bff Maria came by with strawberry cream coffee cake. And my friend Petie called me on my birfday and we had coffee, too. And...

Know what? The world isn't so scary after all.

Yeahhh... on second thought, it's cool. I have great friends. Family-- you love those people, often in spite of who they are. Associates and co-workers-- you care about them and deal with them daily. But that's not what a friend is.

I've been really lucky to keep most of my friends over the years. Petie-- met him on the first day of nursery school. Humpty Dumpty nursery school, in fact, which my mom yanked me out of when the teacher forced my head down on the desk during "nap time" because she saw my eyes were open and I was listening intently to her gossip session. (The length of certain mommy's skirts was being discussed.) Maria was the PA of one of my oldest friends and has become a sister. Dana is a Diva-- if you don't know about them... well, those are several thousand of my closest friends. We don't live close to one another, but distance somehow hasn't had any dominion over the affection.

So when it all gets too much, how do you cope? Who can you count on? Who makes the world less scary for you?


  1. I needed this post today. Thank you. I agree--good friends get you through those tough well as a fantastic carton of ice cream. ROFL

    ((hugs)) glad you're feeling better!

  2. lived!!
    The family I have created, not the one I was born to, are the ones that keep me going.

    My husband, my kids, the parents I adopted when I was 31, and the friends--many of whom I made online. And most assuredly, my dog.

  3. I'm not really a friends person in that I have tons and tons of them - I have a few good ones and that seems to do it for me. (Many casual friends tho.)

  4. My husband's always great when I'm down, and one of my brothers is very supportive, too.

    Some of my friends are so busy with kids and jobs now that they've grown distant, but I know if I ever have a catastrophe, they'll be there for me...

    And writers, I've found, are the most wonderful, supportive people anywhere!


  5. I turn to my hubby or my mother, most often. If neither of them are available, I expect to blow off steam with the Divas, from time to time (they've already helped me out a few times in that regard).

    I don't have many friends in "real life", especially now. But for the most part, it isn't a problem. My hubby is definitely my best friend, though.

    And I hope to find the right kitty to adopt and love - and if I'm lucky, kitty will love me, too. :)


  6. My Divas. And my kitty. Though, she's mean and bites me. But she loves me. I think.

  7. hubby, divas, Mom.

    I love how my mom still realises when I'm having a "I want my mommy" kinda day and totally indulges me.

    And if all that fails? Cookies. In ice cream.

  8. YAY! I'm glad you enjoyed the package but I think the bringer of strawberry cream coffee cake is much cooler then I am!

    And I'm glad you're feeling an itsy bit better.

    You're right, you know. The world is a lot less scary if you look at all the little pieces and not just the big picture. :)

  9. I talk to my hubby most of the time. He says I talk too much but he'll always listen. I talk to my critique partner a lot, we're great friends. My many pets are stress relievers for sure. And sometimes I don't want to talk so I write.


  10. My hubby is great for listening to me when I'm fed up and frustrated and 'lost'. One sentence and he sets the world to rights again.

    Long-distance (half way round the world) and long conversations with my sister who's got an hysterical sense of humour and can have me laughing with tears running down my cheeks at the same time.

    I'm blessed.

    What a great post, to remind me of that too! :)