Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confessions of a TV Junkie

I'm a TV junkie. There, I said it. I love reality shows like a fat kid loves cake. (And I also love cake.) I like "interesting" shows, too - anything a little different and I'll at least watch it once. Which means my DVR gets more action than the restroom at an all you can eat Mexican buffet. So imagine my utter disappointment and saddness to learn that some of my favorites have been axed!

Moonlight - Hot vampire detective - what's not to love?

Back To You - Great writing, funny lines. Not to mention Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton.

Bionic Woman - Um, hello, she's bionic!!!

Journeyman - The guy randomly time travels to help others but he can't get one more season?

There are more, but I don't want to bore you. Basically, if I like it, it will probably get canceled. And as you can see, I have a special place in my heart for the paranormal or unusual. Why don't those shows do better? Have any of your favs gotten cut?


  1. I hear ya. I have certain shows I adore. For a while, I was hooked on reality TV (yes, shame of all shame, I was one of the masses addicted to Joe Millionaire...it was fabulously ghetto. Don't judge me!).

  2. I'm upset about Moonlight too and I wrote a PW blog about it on May 15. I also liked the new show Miss Guided about a guidance counselor at a high school. I'm done with tv. It's the computer for shows or Flixter now.

    I'll concentrate on those great books I have instead.

  3. A couple of shows I liked were canceled. But the most heart breaking, heart wrenching of them all - Women's Murder Club.

    How could they do that to me.

    Reality shows - I watch them for the research aspect of them. They're great for character studies.

  4. I know people didn't care for New Amsterdam, but if you're gonna cut a show, at least resolve it! Oh well. I never got into Moonlight even though I was big into the Buffy / Angel shows back in the day. I think Hollywood doesn't give new shows a chance most of the time because they already assume there won't be a following or won't do so well before it's even given a chance. I don't watch a lot of tv..but lately, I've watched more tv and reality shows than I ever have!

  5. I don't watch TV anymore. At least not when it's on. I'll watch it on DVD when it's convenient for me and sans commercials.
    Here is the thing...we have a tv in our bedroom, and one in the recroom in the basement. My laptop in on my cushy brown couch in the livingroom upstairs. So, I'm not ever even tempted.

  6. I hate it when the good ones get cut. There are so many that it hurts too bad to go back but one I never forgot after all these years was the remake of Dark Shadows about 10 years ago. I was hooked and then they just let it go. I was crushed!

    Are you going to give The Mole a go?

  7. Moonlight got cancelled???? I didn't know that. Grr.
    I also loved Journeyman and K'Ville, which were both axed in the last round during the writer's strike.

    Maybe if you like something and then just don't tell anyone. :):)

  8. I liked Journeyman. The rest of those did not do it for me AT. All.

    However, I have a touch of the "cancellation bug" as well.

    Studio 60
    Sports Night
    What About Brian

    all got cancelled because I loved them

  9. Journeyman killed me. My mom is mourning Men in Trees, which I only sorta liked. But I am really bummed over Journeyman. Mom also liked New Amsterdam, which I started to watch before canning.

    I have heard a lot of buzz that the WB network may pick up Moonlighting.

    The biggest cancellation betrayal for me was Book of Daniel. I'm still ticked off.

  10. I hadn't heard that Bionic Woman was cancelled! Though I guess I'm not terribly surprised... It had some good stuff, but IMHO it also had problems...

    My faves used to always be cancelled, but now it's more sporadic. The two new shows I really liked last fall, Pushing Daisies and Chuck, I *believe* are going to be on again... (I hope!!!)


  11. I have to say I never watched any of the shows you listed.

    Rhonda, I also was addicted to Joe Millionaire...I couldn't help myself. It was so over-the-top it was fabulous.

    Angeleque...I hadn't read that Women's Murder Club was canceled! Ack! I loved that show! And the way they ended it? OK, that's just crappy to not bring it back. Now we won't ever know whether her dad survives or whether she ends up with Architect Boy.