Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Guyliner: Hot or Not?

If you're a rocker or a member of young Hollywood's Emo crowd, guyliner seems to be all the rage. Guyliner is pretty much what it sounds like - eyeliner for guys. Question is, what do you think of it? Sure Johnny Depp's Captain Sparrow makes it look hot, but can you see the captain of the football team rocking that look? Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz is another guyliner fan.

There are even some companies making cosmetics (eyeliner, mascara and skin products) specifically for men now. Doesn't look like this trend is going away any time soon. What's next? Guys in blush? What do you think about guyliner? Is it hot or not?


  1. ROFL--I love this topic. Guyliner (never heard that term before, LOL) can be fine on the right person, but since I don't wear it myself, I don't typically find myself into that look. LOL

    Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), however, totally had the look down, and he looked mighty fine in it. :D

  2. Generally I'd have to say no. Most of the time it doesn't work on men, for me.

    But I have seen it done well. So I'll say it depends on the guy.

    And I agree with Rhonda, Johnny Depp, definitely a HOT.

  3. Ack! I remember this from the punk rock days of the 80's, and then the glam-rock of the later 80's. Come to think of it, wasn't Alice Cooper doing the same thing in the 70's? I didn't like the look then, and I don't like it now. But then again, I'm not thrilled with the heavy eyeliner look on girls either.

    (Okay, now I have officially turned into an old fart. Can one be an old fart at 38?)

    Love the new blog, btw. It's definitely going on my blogroll. =o)

  4. I have to agree with the others. The guyliner only works on certain guys, has to fit their image. Rockers, Jack Sparrow. Not your average guy.

    Congrats on the new site and blog. It's cute!

  5. I've always been a fan of guyliner. I mean, check out Billie Joe from Green Day. Sexy! And then there's Johnny Depp...if ever there was a YES for guyliner, it's Johnny Depp.

  6. Considering as I don't even wear eyeliner, and I'm a girl...

    OK, so Johnny Depp looked hot, but it was totally a role! I couldn't imagine thinking a guy looked hot in eyeliner in normal everyday life...

  7. ROFL -- what a great start to my day! Not the look I appreciate, but fun to consider...

  8. Good topic. It all depends on the guy. Captian Jack? Sure. Pete Wentz? Yes! Um... Brad Pitt? Not so much.

  9. LOL, Kwana...Brad Pitt is totally hot, but I could never imagine him with guyliner! LOL!

  10. I don't care for Johnny Depp. (I know, I'm weird)

    But, I remember Poison and Motley Crue rockin the eyemakeup....so I guess it could be a go.

  11. I'd have to say no. Yeah Johnny Depp rocked in Pirates but that was for the movie (and he was hot don't get me wrong). But just on a regular guy (not a movie star, rock star...etc) I don't want to see it.

  12. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I think if you plan on sitting at work in that stuff you just set yourself up for manicide. It's one htign if you're going out clubbing but sitting in a commision meeting? THAT would be hilario! Time to grow up Emo boyz!-Altho I do put concealer on my husband's face when he gets a giant zit.

  13. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Guyliner? I think it depends on the wearer and the situation. On stage - Yes. If you're going Goth or into the Androgynous look - A MUST. If you're wearing plaid shorts and a pastel golf shirt - No.

    If my clean cut, All-American looking sweetie wore it, I'd crack up laughing. If my friend with the long black hair and smokey light blue eyes wore it, he'd look exceptionally cool.

    I think it's also where you were it. Nightclub - cool. Football field - get your butt kicked :-)

  14. Metrosexuals do nothing for me. I can think of maybe one exception, and that's Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. But really, I think that was more about Johnny. :)

    Hope you're feeling better, chickie!

  15. LOL
    I think it only looks good on Johnny and only when he's playing Capt. Jack Sparrow.
    If I saw a guy putting on eyeliner, I'd probably fall to the floor laughing like a hyena and hurt myself. :)
    I don't even put on liner most days.

  16. Kelsey Simmons8:24 AM

    I like it on rock stars and pirate captains but I would never date a guy who wore makeup.

    It's not at all manly to me. We'd argue over who used it last and didn't put the cap back on. I'd have to hand him a tissue when ever he cried and his makeup ran. Ugh. Not Hot.

  17. Traci Hall9:24 AM

    Dating myself here...but I've been a fan of guys who rock the liner since my first Billy Idol concert in Seattle when I was 16 :):)
    Now, I didn't marry a man who wore it, so maybe liner guys aren't the kind we take home to mama? lol! Hysterical topic, Kristen

  18. I can't get past Jack Sparrow :-D
    That's guyliner I can stare at for quite some time :D
    What others??
    Cool. I may like it. After I stop staring Johnny down ;)