Wednesday, April 02, 2008


My family and I have never done anything really fun for spring break. In fact, my kiddos were on spring break last week, and guess what we did--NOTHING. haha. We chilled at home, watching TV or movies, while I did some writing.

Even as a teen, I didn't do the traditional spring break adventures.

So why didn't I ever go buck-wild, darting down to Florida to shake my can at party central? Why didn't I ever go trekking across country, exploring states west of the Missippippi river? Why didn't I hop on a plane and head somewhere tropical for a week?

Well, partly because I was always broke. haha. Money can play a big factor in what you can do. But another part was that I just wasn't like that. Not that my friends would believe me now, but I was pretty reserved in school. I wasn't a party girl at all.

Do I miss not having wild adventures as a teen? Not so much. As a grownup, I can do all that and more, and it's perfectly legal. haha. Not only that, but I can plan the trip as I want it. I went to Hawaii all by myself a few years ago, and guess what I did--hardly anything! I lounged on the beach, went to happy hours at whim, and took scads of pictures. I napped when I was sleepy, did tourist things when it suited me, and ate whenever I was hungry.

Could I have done that if I'd had a group of friends or family with me? Hardly.

So, what's the lesson here? It's okay to be lame in school if you eventually try to be not lame as a grown-up. Okay, that's a dumb lesson.

The better lesson--wait until you can afford to go places as an adult, and then do whatever the crap you want. Yeah, that's better...LOL

Did you guys ever go anywhere cool for spring break? Share!!


  1. wow! Hawaii all by yourself. That's awesome. I would love to do that...and you know, I'd probably do the same thing. Just lounge on the beach and make really good friends with a hot bartender. :)

    Hey, it's my dream vacation. It could happen!

  2. Wow! I'm with Mel on that one. Hawaii all by yourself...awesome.

    I've traveled in Europe all by myself and sometimes it was great, but sometimes it was lonely.

    The only true Spring Break I've ever had was my junior year of high school with the French class trip to France, Italy, Monaco, and Switzerland, but that was totally chaperoned by my French teacher and her husband (who also happened to be my chemistry teacher) and my freshman English teacher and her husband. So wasn't exactly wild and crazy, but it was still pretty great!

  3. Amanda,
    can you believe I've never traveled internationally? Never. Sigh. It's on my list of things to do next year...during my 2nd 29th birthday year...

  4. I guess I'm lucky, because my mom was somewhat of a free spirit in her 20s (in the 60s and early 70s) after having spent way too many years in Catholic school (high school with the nuns and college), so since she was a teacher and had summers off, she spent every single summer traipsing through Europe with my aunt, getting into mischief with random European men.

    Anyway, as a result, she gave her love of international travel to me. I need to pick new countries, though, because I always seem to go back to Europe. I love it, but there's so much of the world I still need to explore!

    Also, I think I'm loading up on the internaitonal travel now before we eventually have kids, since I can't imagine a random trip to Europe or Central America with an infant or toddler would be a good idea.

  5. Aw man, I've never traveled internationally, either (I went to Canada, eh, but never anywhere on another continent)...

  6. Canada and Mexico totally count. They're foreign countries!

  7. The only other continent I've been to is Europe (on 5 different occasions--6 different countries total). I've been to Central America on 2 different occasions (3 different countries), but that's still technically North America, right?

    I guess I've been to 12 foreign countries, but only 2 continents, one of which is the one I live in! :)

    I'd really like to get to Asia or South America.

    If I get the new job I'm applying for, I'll be doing a ton of foreign travel, but I doubt I'll get it. Would be cool, though.

  8. Hawaii by myself sounds like heaven!

  9. I never went anywhere on Spring Break. I don't really have any memory of spring break, really. Is that lame?

    I have traveled pretty extensively now tho - Canada, Australia, Morocco, Spain (and some of its islands like Palma), Gibralter, several parts of England, Scotland, Germany, most of the Hawaii islands, Jamaica, the Cayman islands, Bahamas, a skip through France...hmmm. I feel like I'm forgetting something.

  10. Like you, I never really did anything for spring break because of a lack of fundage. When I was in college, though, a group of us drove to New Orleans for spring break. Not the best trip ever, but we had some fun along the way.

  11. I really want to go to Morocco, Kristen! My parents are considering that as their next big trip. That or Turkey.

    I'm dying to go to Australia, too!

  12. b.e., new orleans is a crazy place, isn't it? :D

    thanks for visiting my blog post, guys!!