Wednesday, April 09, 2008 you do it?

Guy-o-mancy, the ancient art of reading every word, every look, every nuance having to do with a guy to determine if he likes you or not. How many people out there are guilty of this?

Yes, I'm raising my hand...both of them, actually, because back in the day, I used to do this a LOT.

Okay, I still do. I admit, I don't always know what the manpanion's thinking, so I still use these little tricks to get a handle on him.

What is the art of guy-o-mancy, you ask, and how can I learn this sage skill? Alas, there are no trade schools specializing in understanding the other sex, but Auntie Rhonda is going to teach you some tricks of the trade:

1--If you want to determine the guy's feelings, but he's not around, try the old "betting" concept. Just make a bet with yourself--if you can sink that wadded-up piece of paper into the garbage on your first try, then it must be love. Or, put your hand on the phone. If someone calls you in the next X seconds, it means your guy's smitten.

2--If you're in his presence, analyze every physical gesture he makes to see if he's into you. What does his body language reveal? Is he leaning in toward you? Does he touch your arm/shoulder/face? Does he make lots of eye contact?

3--If you're in a conversation with the guy, dissect every word he says. Is he asking questions about you, or does he just like talking about himself? When he answers questions, are they more than just one or two-word phrases? Does he laugh at your jokes?

Have any guy-o-mancy tips or tricks to share? Dish it up, folks! Let's hear what you do when you're feeling especially neurotic. haha

ETA: The winner from yesterday's contest is DEB LOGAN. Congrats, Deb!!!


  1. When Ahmed and I first hooked up I was really, really confused about his cultural signals.

    We'd be alone together and he never went for third base. He never really paid much attention to anything other than kissing and looking at me smokily.

    But we'd watch DVDs and he'd lay his head on my tummy... or place his hand on my tummy. Which I hated, since it's a rather big tummy and I was a little self conscious about it.

    Duh. Kurdish necking. He's not a leg man... he's a tummy bubble man. All that time I thought he was kind of uptight or a prude... he was totally perving out.

  2. Y'all are so lucky. You're not married to a man whose default expression is "pissed off." He's adorable. He's warm and funny. And intimidating as hell. There is no interpreting. We just sort of muddle along and figure things out as we go. :)

  3. Chrissy, I never even considered the cultural aspects of it. Wow, that's so true...ROFL thanks for posting!!

    Sela, I hope you can figure out your own method of reading him. ((hugs)) Guys are wonky!!

  4. If I don't have a clear idea what they are thinking. I just ignore them until they come around and tell me. Works. Every. Time.

  5. Hotrod is pretty much an open book. With pictures. And mono-syllabic words. LOL

  6. Look to see if he is deviating from his baseline behavior, too. Like, if he usually eats lunch in the cafeteria and you eat outside--and suddenly he starts taking his lunch outside. Or showing up in the computer lab when you are usually there. Even if he doesn't initiate contact with you, if he is all of the sudden in your vicinity when he didn't used to be, it's a good sign.

  7. Don't forget that all important phone call / lunch date / bottle of wine with the girlfriends to discuss every single one of those items, disect them and expose them to scrutiny one at a time. :D

    I once asked EWH what he was thinking when he had one of those pensive expressions on his face. He was so startled. Apparently, chances are he's thinking about work or football.


  8. Mr. Brice is an open book. Definitely the first guy I ever dated who was, so is it really all that surprising that I married him? LOL!

  9. Oooooh good additions, you guys!!

    And thanks for letting me know how your significant others are, folks. I guess some guys are open books and others aren't! LOL

  10. My guy is sort of like a cat, I can distract him easily with a bright shiny object. (or the promise of a new riding lawn mower.)

  11. Guy-o-mancy. (pause for giddy giggling)

    What a great idea! Keep analyzing!

  12. OK, so how does one pronounce guy-o-mancy????

  13. Anonymous4:08 PM

    So I totally suck at this one. Haha, but I tend to prefer something like the betting one. I suck at reading guys, so it basically takes someone planting a kiss on me before I'll let myself believe that they actually like me. Even then it's chancy. I wish we were psychic, then we would just know!!

  14. I have no idea how to pronounce it, so I put dashes in so we could guess at it. LOL

    Lisa, I feel your pain...haha

  15. OMG! I won P.C. Cast's book! I was SO excited when Kristen contacted me, and now I'm holding it in my little hot hands. Woot! Can't wait to read it.

    Thanks, Fictionistas!!!!