Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's be Reisenable

So, Thursday was a chocolate kind of day. I had my Reisens...about half a bag. nummmy. So, I thought I'd share some facts...but not my chocolate.

Chocolate is always on board during space flights for US and Russia.

Aztec emperor Montezuma consumed hot chocolate in golden the tune of fifty per day. (and I thought I was excessive)

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which stimulates the same reactions in the body as falling in lurve. *sigh*

Alfred Hitchcock used chocolate syrup for blood in the shower scene of Psycho.

White chocolate isn't really chocolate. (which is why I don't care for it)

In moderation, chocolate can lower your blood pressure.

Chocolate is bad for dogs and cats.

Dark chocolate in antioxidant.

You can get a cold sore from kissing a boy...but not a Hershey Kiss.

I was in a play called "The Chocolate River" when I was in sixth grade.

I don't care for chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake, but I love brownies.

Chocolate does not cause acne. That is a myth.

This post will cause most of you to go find something chocolate to eat. Sorry about that.



  1. DUDE. You're killing me. GREAT chocolate facts--but it's 6:48 AM here, and now I want to eat some chocolate. LOL

  2. Chocolate may be the most perfect thing in the world. Next to great shoes. No matter how much chocolate you eat, those shoes will always fit.

  3. I'm actually having chocolate/caramel cream in my coffee this morning. Perfect way to wake up.

    Though, I will admit that if you were to offer me a choice between something chocolate and something lemon, I would choose lemon. I know. I'm not right.

  4. oh nummy, Mel. My husband makes this blueberry cobbler with lemon zest in the blueberry...nummy nummy.

    But chocolate....and really GOOD chocolate. The kind where one piece is so decadent you don't need another.....

  5. As my Divas were kind enough to inform me, Starbucks now has a line of gourmet chocolates. Only YOU CAN'T GET THEM AT STARBUCKS.

    Which is not cool. But you can get them at CVS and Target. Which is!

    I love the dark mocha truffles. For SERIOUS.

    I love good brownies, too. Can't stomach the boxed mix stuff that's cakey, though. I like mine chewy and dark and moist.


  6. Mmmm...chocolate....

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  8. Too much chocolate at RT (pants too tight now). I'm saving myself for RWA where I know there will be chocolate fountains.